Adventuring Maiden

Alice is a maid in King Kyle's Castle, until one day he gave her to A Traveling warrior Nigel.As his personal Maid she gets to travel with him and his team.


3. Introduction

 Nigel, his team and the king entered the kitchen.Seeing all the maids, Nigel asked.
 "Which one is Alice?"
 He looked at Alice, then the girl next to her.
 Nigel was tall, tall, he had Black hair with blue eyes.He is known for his bravery and handsomeness.
 "I am...Sir" Alice raising her finger not looking sure of herself.
 "I hope you don't mind us taking you along." Said the one with silver hair.
 "Not at all sir." She looked down.
 Alice left the castle the party.
 They were riding their horses away from the kingdom.They didn't have an extra horse for Alice so
 she had to ride with Nigel.
 "The blond one is Louise, he is the positive one that keeps us all going." Nigel explained
  to Alice about his team.
 "The red headed one is Kurt, he has the most strength."
 "He'll also be giving you a hard time, for he has trust issues" Louise interrupted.
 "Anyways, the one with silver hair is Henry, he is good with battle phase."
 "I make our battle plans." Henry Smiled.
 "The pinked headed girl is Gwen, she takes care of the horses."
 "The horses are also mine." Gwen stated.
 "Am Nigel, am just the leader," He said.
 "Welcome to the family."
 "Family..." Alice whispered to herself.

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