Adventuring Maiden

Alice is a maid in King Kyle's Castle, until one day he gave her to A Traveling warrior Nigel.As his personal Maid she gets to travel with him and his team.


6. Gonna watch stars

 They were getting ready to hit the hay.But one thing bugled Alice's mind, there are six of them and three tents.
 "Ummm..Gwen?...How are we going to share the tents?" She asked Gwen in private.
 "Louise will be sharing with Kurt, Henry and I, and you with Nigel."
 "What about the me and you?Am a girl, and you're a girl.why cant we share?"
 "Why?..Do you have something against the Nigel?"
 "No, it's just that, I don't feel comfortable sharing tents with Nigel..."
 "Oh...Am sorry about that, but I can't change who is sharing with who.It was Nigel's orders,"
 Alice was shocked to hear that, but not surprised.
 "Maybe you should tell him about the matter." She suggested.
 "I'd rather not..." Obviously Alice would talk to Nigel about such a thing.
 "Well, if you change your mind, they're near the lake, removing their armors."
 Alice had a better plan.She wasn't gonna enter the tent while the Nigel was in it.The dog sat next to the fire
 that was starting to fade out.Everyone was in there tents except for Alice.
 "Hey, aren't you gonna rest?" Louise was the last one to entered a tent.
 "Oh, I will.I just wanted to watch the stars for a moment." She lied.
 "If that's so.There are lots of bright stars at the lake.You should go check it out." He suggested.
 Louis entered his tent, then the fire went out.Alice got up and went to the lake.Hoping what Louis said was true.

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