Adventuring Maiden

Alice is a maid in King Kyle's Castle, until one day he gave her to A Traveling warrior Nigel.As his personal Maid she gets to travel with him and his team.


4. Back attack

 They were in the forest and it was late night.The moon was up with the stars, being
 beauty then ever.
 They were still riding their horses deeper into the forest until their horses
 refused to continue to go forward.
 "Whats wrong with them" Kurt tried to force his horse to go forward.
 "Kurt, stop!I think there's something dangerous in our path." Henry got off his horse.
 Henry took out his bow and got an arrow read to shoot is anything pops.
 "Everyone, quiet.We're not alone." He said quietly.
 All the guys got off their horses and drew their weapons, getting ready for what might happen.
 Alice and Gwen were still on their horses, waiting to see what happens.The bush that they were
 standing in front of shake, then a wolf jumped out of it about to tackle Kurt.
 But, lucky, Kurt jumped aside and only got hurt from the landing.
 "Stay back!" Nigel hit the wolf with his blade like a hammer.
 Nigel removed his blade from the ground and it turned out that the wolf wasn't there.
 It was behind him without anyone knowing.It jumped again from behind Nigel and shoved his
 teeth into his lower arm that's holding the blade.
 "Aargh!" He tried not to yell.
 "Nigel stand still!" Henry Aimed at the wolf.
 He shot the wolf with three arrows at the same time.Louis carefully tried to remove the
 wolfs teeth from his arm.
 "Its out.How do you feel?" Louis removed it

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