Adventuring Maiden

Alice is a maid in King Kyle's Castle, until one day he gave her to A Traveling warrior Nigel.As his personal Maid she gets to travel with him and his team.


5. Appreciation

They Already set their tents, three tents to be exact.Alice and Nigel were in one of
 the tents checking his arm, to see if she can help him.While the others were sitting
 around the fire.
 "Your lucky your gauntlet was strong enough to keep the wolf's teeth from going deep in to your skin,"
 "But it still caused some damage to your skin.And it's not poisonous."
 "Wow, you're good at this." He said.
 "It's my job." She soaked a small piece of cloth in water.
 She was using to clean his injury.
 "I hope am not causing anymore pain to it."
 "No, it's fine."
 "Alice, do you mind me asking you a question?"
 "No, not at all."
 She stopped whipping it.She took a kind of leaf and she gently wrapping it around his arm.
 "You don't mind us taking you from King Kyle's castle, do you?"
 "Of course not," She smile at him, forgetting what her friends told her about him.
 "Okay, it's done.Just make sure you don't you your weapon for a while.It's too heavy for you to carry now."
 "Thanks, how can I repay you?"
 "No need it my job." She hanged the cloth for it to dry.
 "There most be a way i can-...How about-" Nigel kissed her gently on her cheek for a few seconds.   
 When he stopped, they were both quiet until Alice said,
 "Um, you're welcome...But you didn't have to do that." She pretended like she was busy to avoid eye contact.
 "Yeah, you're right.I didn't have to, I wanted to,"
 "I have to go." He left the tent with Alice in i, not knowing what to think.
 Her fingering feeling where he kissed, and it felt cold and a bit Wet.


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