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"he's the teacher's son."


9. 9 - homecoming

homecoming is today. or tonight, at least. luke should be arriving in about 20 minutes. i hope. i'm tempted to call him, but that would seem desperate. maybe i'll just wait.

i lay down on the couch in my dress, makeup and hair already done. dawn is watching tv with calum and ashton isn't going. i feel bad already. but i would end up going with ashton if luke hadn't showed up. mikey is going solo and meeting us at the dance. he thought about taking his cousin, but we told him that going alone is for the best, and not with your own cousin. we're seniors, for goodness' sake.

i keep myself busy, switching channels quickly with the remote. dawn and calum understand that i'm worried that luke isn't here, but i can tell they're getting annoyed. i continue to switch the channels until dawn groans at my action and sighs. so she finally speaks up.

"it's getting late, el. maybe luke stood you up. let's just go."

calum bites his lip and links arms with dawn, and they begin to walk out the door. i have no choice but to follow. i should've known luke wouldn't have come. jerk stood me up. maybe i should have gone with ashton. ashton would show up in time. ashton would come running to my door with flowers. but not luke. luke didn't even have the decency to show up on time.

even though it's my own car, calum takes the driver's seat and dawn on the passenger's. my car is small, and there are only five seats. two in the front and three in the back. i sit in the back, taking a window seat to the right. i lean my head against the glass and let my eyes wander the streets while driving.

when we finally park, calum stops the car and climbs out holding dawn's hand. i thought i'd be holding luke's hand tonight. but i'm alone. i don't know if it's for the best or if i should be sad.

"elody!" mrs. hemmings smiles when she sees me. i force a smile back. "how are you? going alone tonight?"

luke never tells her anything apparently, not even his homecoming date. ugh.

i nod, "i guess so.." i have to ask. "have you seen luke?"

she hesitates, i can tell, but she shakes her head no. i move on and put my earbuds in, blasting the whole album of 'fashionably late' by falling in reverse, trying to block out that horrible music coming from the band onstage.

and that's when i see him. mikey and luke, both onstage, both holding guitars. luke takes hold of the microphone and catches my eye. i cross my arms, trying to act angry, but how can i be angry? i can't be angry. i want to be angry. but i can't be angry at luke.

he clears his voice, "so there's this girl that probably thinks i'm a jerk.. but this song is dedicated to her. let's hope she forgives me," he lets out a short laugh.

i turn away, pouring myself some punch that calum probably spiked with alcohol or something. whatever. i need some liquid courage anyway. i take a swig as luke starts picking his guitar. i recognize the song immediately. i already told him that it's my favorite song. must. resist. feelings. but i can't help but look his way.

he starts to sing 'kissing in cars' by pierce the veil. his voice isn't nearly as high as the lead singer, vic fuentes, but that's the last thing on my mind right now. i look to my right and see calum and dawn a few feet away from me. calum's pinning dawn to the wall, but softly kissing her. so fragile, as if she's a china doll. i wish someone would hold me like that.

"as we wake up in your room, your face is the first thing i see."

mikey strums on his guitar ever so softly as luke sings.

"the first time i've seen love, and the last i'll ever need."

when he finishes the song, he stares at me. i can't help but stare back. i try to resist, but i can't. jerk. why is he so perfect? stupid.

luke takes off the guitar around him and walks my way. he kisses me. right in front of his mom. only a few people are staring, and i'm glad not many people are looking. i get so caught up in my thoughts, i realize i'm not even kissing back. he kisses me a bit harder, and i kiss back quickly.

he pulls away, making sure i'm okay with what he just did.

"jerk," i whisper, chuckling softly.

he pecks the corner of my mouth, smiling slightly. we move away from everyone, and he takes my hand, hesitating a bit. like he's asking if he could hold my hand. i squeeze it and avoid making eye contact with him, smiling to myself. he rests his head on my shoulder. i can tell he's trying to be cute. and it's working. i pry his head off of my shoulder.

"stop, idiot. there are people here," i laugh.

"elody." he says.

i turn my head to look at him. "yeah?"

"i don't care."

and then we're kissing again, and it's so soft and gentle. his hand cups my face. i don't think mrs. hemmings notices, but i don't care if she does. we sit down next to calum and dawn, and i pretend not to know about their kissing. luke and i hold hands under the table, and he traces the lines on my palm.

"well," dawn nods. "that was some performance, eh?"

i shake my head, laughing lightly. "yeah, you and calum were really going at it."

dawn blushes and mikey walks to our table. he looks nice all dressed up. i've only ever seen him in jeans and a tee shirt. seeing him in a suit and tie is nice.

he sighs, "everyone of you guys has someone. all i have is pizza. i mean, i tried to ask out one of the cheerleaders, but of course they said no," he frowns.

i smile halfway, "well, there's always delilah."

delilah, my sophomore sister. i wish she was here.

mikey doesn't respond. i continue, "mikey, you ask out the girls you can't have, or the girl you know will say no. ask someone who will actually want to go out with you, yeah?"

he plays with his sleeve, "you really think she'll say yes?"


and just in time, delilah comes through doors. she told me she might be coming if the party she was going to tonight was boring. and here she is. her midnight blue hair is still vibrant, and i can see some dye stained on her hands. mikey gives her a charming smile and she sits next to me.

"hello, sister."

we all talk, and i still hold luke's hand. she sits on the other side of me and i can see that she's texting one of her friends. dottie, i think her name is? i watch as her fingers move on the keyboard.

delly : oMg dottie theres this rly rLLy cute guy here asdfklj

dottie : who who who??

delly : michael clifford.

dottie : senior michael clifford?

delly : that's him.

dottie : i've always thought calum was cute.

delly : i think he's dating that dawn girl tho.

dottie : awe. dangit. what about that ashton guy? he seems adorable. i like his glasses.

delly : idk, i think he's single.

dottie : he can get thiss ;-)

delly : omg.

god, i remember having conversations like that with dawn. we don't text each other as much, because we usually just call. found it easier that way.

"so, delilah," mikey starts. delly's head pops up from her phone and she locks eyes with michael.


he grins, "i've heard you like green day."

she nods, "yeah, they're amazing."

i can see where this is going.

"we should go to a concert together sometime."

delilah smiles widely, "it's a date."

luke smirks while they talk and he begins to kiss my neck.

calum makes a gag sound. "agh, gross, dude. don't do school pda, especially at homecoming. it's gross, seriously. save it for home."

he ignores calum and continues to leave kisses down my neck. i let it happen for a bit and then pull him off, blushing tremendously.

"okay," i say. "no more."

luke gives my cheek a quick peck and touches my double helix piercing. i don't mind at all, especially since what luke and i did is nothing compared to the other disturbing hallway pda i've seen throughout my high school experience.




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