algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


8. 8 - dress

"a dress?" dawn asks in surprise as she's braiding her hair in front her my mirror.

my specialty must be procrastinating, because i'm buying a dress literally the day before homecoming. dawn must think i'm crazy.

i nod, "yeah, a dress." i scoff. "i thought you'd act totally cavalier about this, why are you so surprised? is there a problem?"

she shrugs, trying not to say the wrong thing. "of course not, i just.. i don't know. you've never really seemed like the girl to want to wear makeup and go dress shopping and attend dances. it was always me who did all those things."

"yeah, yeah.." i laugh softly. "so? can you take me? or do you have any i can borrow in that ginormous closet of yours? not that your skinny figure would fit me."

"sure." dawn walks to her closet and opens it wide, revealing her closet. it's kind of similar to mine, but i have way more flannels and jeans than her. she pulls out a black, loose strapless dress, leaving the shoulders bare. it was perfect, actually.

"well?" she says, holding it out. "try it on."

i stand up, taking the dress from her and removing my clothes. dawn and i are close enough to strip in front of each other, but she's more confident than me. i still feel pretty insecure about it in front of her.

the dress came down to my thighs. i looked in the mirror and felt beautiful for once.

"you look great," i hear a muffled audio coming from dawn's phone. i jump up in surprise and look at her phone's screen and see my mom watching me. oh god. "i still can't believe you got my daughter in a dress, dawn. you're a miracle-worker, truly."

"thank you, ms. sykes. i'm proud myself," she says very un-modestly.

i laugh nervously, "okay mom. bye." i press the end button on dawn's phone and mom's face disappears.

a minute later, i hear another muffled voice.

i hear a whistle, and then a guy's voice i immediately recognize. "you look edible."

i jump once again, sitting on dawn's bed and covering my body with the blanket. "god, luke, you scared the shit out of me. how'd you even get dawn's-" and then i realize that she was using my phone. figures.

"oh," i chuckle anxiously, still covering myself with the blanket.

"take the blanket off," luke exclaims. "i wanna see all of you."

dawn makes a 'ha-ha' sound. "okay, hemmings, time to go. this is getting inappropriate."

"see you tomorrow night," luke manages to say before dawn hangs up on him.


the dress is black and blue. 

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