algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


7. 7 - calum

homecoming is tomorrow. tomorrow. i don't even know if i'm going with luke, but i'm definitely not going with ashton anymore. he's made it pretty clear that he's still hurt. dawn forced ashton and mikey to skip school with her to go dress shopping. something about needing a 'guy's opinion'. i declined her invitation. it's just me and calum today.

calum made his way to sit at our table, placing his tray down and once again eating the horrible school lunches.

"and then there were two," he nods at me as he takes a seat.

"so," calum starts. "homecoming. what are your plans?"

i shrug, because i don't know myself. "netflix, i guess."

calum furrows his eyebrows, giving me a 'what the hell' look. "you're not serious. it's senior homecoming, el. we've been looking forward to this since freshman year. you have to come. i need you there to be my wingman."

i chuckle, "wingman? who are you even going with, hood?"

now it was calum's turn to be uncomfortable. "dawn. just as friends. i asked her yesterday."

i knew it.

i punch calum shoulder, "you don't have to be so secretive about it, you know. especially since mikey, ashton, and i went to the trouble to give you guys a freaking ship name."

calum stuck his tongue out at me, and i stuck mine out right back.

he laughed, "what about you and ashton?"

"oh, uh.." i pick at my food. "we're not going anymore, i think."

he tilts his head, "what? how come?"

"i.. i don't know. just didn't feel like it."

the bell for class rang.

i walked to my locker, feeling something roundish bump my shoulder.

"ow," i mutter. "what the hell?"

i lean down to pick up what hit me and find a toy pokeball. luke stands a few feet away from me.

"luke, what are you-"

"elody nicole sykes, i pika-choose you to go to prom with me!" he exclaims and rests his forehead on mine and holds me tightly.

i try to squirm away from his grasp but fail, laughing softly. "it's not prom, dorkis. it's homecoming."

"what's the difference?" he asks. "so, yes or no?"

i look around us, some people are staring.

"what about ashton?" i say quietly, feeling kind of guilty.

"well.." luke held my hand. "he's fine with it, isn't he?"

even if ashton was completely okay with me going to homecoming with luke, i'd still feel guilty. i hate letting people down, especially someone i've known for more than three years.

i nod, "yeah, but.."

luke waits for my response.

"sure," i say, trying to forget about my thoughts. "why not?"

right then do i realize that i don't even have a dress for homecoming yet.


in this chapter of algebra, elody's a professional procrastinator.


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