algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


6. 6 - favorites

luke hasn't talk to me all week. ever since monday happened, i haven't heard from him. i can tell ashton feels guilty, but he's still kind of cocky that he got me first. nobody got me first. i wish he knew that.

on top of that, mrs. hemmings has been giving me strange looks all day. crap, did luke tell her what happened? hope not. that would make things even worse.

at the end of algebra, luke leaves almost immediately. mrs. hemmings sighs waves her finger at me, gesturing for me to come to her. god, what now?

"yes mrs. hemmings?" i ask.

she sighs, "so elody, i understand you're not my most favorite student.."

i tilt my head, "are you saying you pick favorites?"

she chuckles, trying to make things more optimistic, "every teacher does, elody. it's just a fact of life."

i nod, attempting to let her know to go on.

"but that doesn't matter," she says. "i think all of my students deserve to feel happy, and you haven't been making comments in class or anything like you usually do. you're ruining our little routine we have going on here. what's wrong?"

i bite my lip so hard, i wouldn't doubt if i started bleeding. why did i feel like this? i don't want to.

"you can tell me," she assures.


she stays silent, and i don't even care if i'm late to get home.

"it hurts," i break down in tears. i end up hugging her, something i thought i'd never do to a teacher, much less luke's mother. "it hurts so much."

mrs. hemmings hugs me back tightly. "i know, i know." but she doesn't know. she doesn't know anything. but here she is, supporting her most-hated student.

when i walk out of the room, i see luke standing by the door. he looks at me and licks his lips.

"i'm sorry," he says. "i shouldn't have-"

i shake my head, "god, luke, don't apologize. it'll just make me feel worse."

he nods, "sorry. i mean- alright."

"besides," i go on. "you don't even have anything to apologize for. i'm sorry."

luke suddenly hugged me tightly. "i heard everything that happened. i'm so sorry."

i slowly hugged back, not wanting to let go. after a minute maybe, i saw a figure turn in the hallways.

"i should get to class."

luke pulls away and i follow where the body went. i see a tuft of curly hair and realize that it's ashton. i run faster and finally catch up to him, tugging on his hoodie.

"ash," i say, turning to him. "i'm sorry, luke just-"

he wipes his eyes with his sleeve, looking at me, eyes still red.

"it's okay, really. i'm just.." he hesitates. "i'm happy you're happy."

"are you sure?"

"yeah," he nods, voice cracking. he pecks my cheek. "get to class."

and before i know it, ashton is gone.


this was an emotional chapter of algebra lol

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