algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


5. 5 - sticky notes

i opened my locker at the end of the day only to find a light blue sticky note inside. that's kind of what our clique does - locker sticky notes. during mid-freshman year when we were all fairly close, we gave each other our locker combos. just in case of emergency. hence the term 'emergency', which dawn has very often misused several times.

it said :

need to talk 2 u after school. meet in parking lot.


i've never really had to use notes via locker all that much, i haven't even started one. ashton's the same, only dawn, mikey, and calum mostly use it. every time we communicate via locker, we usually meet up as a group. i've never been told to come alone.

at the end of the day, ashton's waiting in the parking lot. it's cold outside, and it looks like he's freezing. maybe he shouldn't have worn a tank top.

"hey, you came," he smiles that adorable dimpled smile he always had.

i nod, "yeah. what is it?"

"um.." he clears his throat, acting all nervous.

we've never acted nervous around each other before, so of course i act nervous too. he starts to take out a green sheet of paper, and i recognize it as soon as i see it. it's the homecoming poster. it's practically covered the walls and you can't go into a room without seeing it.

"so, you know homecoming's on saturday.."

i nod, completely aware of the subject and already knowing what he wants. i just don't what to say.

"i mean- i'm not one to do this but- i-"

i grin softly at him, trying to make him not so nervous. i place a hand on his shoulder. "you can tell me."

he bites his lip, nodding. "it's our senior year, elody. i just want to have one dance with you before we all leave."

here it comes.

"will you go to homecoming with me?"

"ash, i-"

"i've liked you for a while, actually. ever since the beginning of junior year," he admits, making my heart melt.

but there are no sparks.

i hesitate, "yes, i will go with you."

i wish you were luke.

and then as if my afternoon couldn't get any better, note the sarcasm, luke comes up behind ashton with a rose in his hand. he's looking at me, and i can tell he's trying to hide his hurt. i look over ashton's shoulder, causing ashton to turn around aswell.


"no, it's alright," he replies immediately. his expression turns from sad to mad. "i'll just go dry hump those girls from yesterday."

"i'm sorry-"

"take your damn rose, skyes," he says angrily, throwing the rose at me.

he walks away. please don't walk away, i think to myself. i'm sorry. i'm so sorry.


omg just imagine if the thorns from the rose hit her face haha.

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