algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


4. 4 - ellie

i sat at my normal table at lunch with my normal friends and normal school. but not luke. for some reason that most stuck out. luke isn't here. luke should be here. i thought i might say "i miss luke," but quickly erased the thought from my head.

"ellie!!" one of my friends, ashton, shouted at me from our table.

don't get me wrong, i love ashton, but he can be a bit energetic and loud at times.

embarrassed, i subtly sit down at my table, trying not to notice the people staring. everything's normal (except that luke isn't here). michael is chowing down at his food, which i don't understand why. it's pizza day and it literally tastes like straight up crap on bread. ashton, of course, is still in the habit of calling me 'ellie', even though i insist he calls me by my normal name, elody. and calum is too busy flexing his biceps, trying to get dawn to notice.

calum and dawn act like they're in a relationship all the time, we've even made a ship name for them. #dalum , we call it. they claim they're just best friends, which i highly doubt. they seriously flirt all the time, i have no idea why they just won't get it on already.

"ash, what did i tell you? stop calling me 'ellie' all the time. it's totally lowering my punk rock-ness scale to at least a 7%."

michael speaks in for ashton, "there you go again with that 'i'm punk rock, fear me' stuff. so annoying," he rolls his eyes.

i scoff, "says the guy with purple hair and an eyebrow piercing."

calum takes a bite out of his pizza, and spits it out straight on the plate, making me almost gag.

"ugh," calum says in disgust. "how dare they call this mess 'pizza'."

dawn mocks him, "how dare they call this mess," she points at him, "'calum.'"

"wow, dawn. that hurts. that really hurts," he frowns.

as calum and dawn, or dalum, goes on with their flirtatious ways, i can't help but stare at luke from another table. those girls staring at him a few days ago are laughing and touching his arm, making it hard not to notice their try-hard, desperate attitude. i want to go over to them and ask if they cuddled with him, watched netflix, if they kissed him. that would show them. or it would backfire. worse maybe, they went farther with him than i did.

i don't like luke. i can't like luke. i shouldn't like luke. i won't like luke.

"so how about that luke guy?" ashton asks, bringing up the one i didn't want to talk about. why, ashton, why?

"i must admit," dawn replies. "he is very good luke-in."

and i know she just says it to make calum jealous.

calum rolls his eyes, "it's depressing to see you make a joke, seriously."

"nah, i agree," michael nods. "like, nohomo and everything, but he's pretty hot."

i speak up, "i don't understand how guys can just go around saying 'nohomo' when they say the exact opposite after."

and just when i'm ready to drop the conversation, luke sits down right next to me and puts his arm around my waist.

"hey," he said, cuddling into my neck.

i feel my cheeks get warm, and i notice i'm blushing. i never feel like this, so why now?

ashton blinks, "wait, you guys aren't..?"

"no," i shake my head. "no, we are not dating."

luke gives a nod to ashton. "i'll get her though, don't worry."

i punch his arm, "shut up, go dry hump those girls you were talking to earlier."

he puts up his arms in surrender, standing up and going back to them, which i really regretted.


'go dry hump those girls'

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