algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


3. 3 - marshmallows

that weekend, luke sends me a text message he probably thought of for twenty minutes. i know how boys think, i know how long they send texts. i feel flattered, and i'm all for sweet texts, but why me? i'm not special at all, especially to mrs. hemmings. i'm just that girl who gets sent to the guidance councelor's office everyday.

unknown : hey elody, love talking to you. your not like the other girls at school, your different. the others don't have piercings or that little star tattoo on your wrist. wanna meet up later?? -luke

me being the (obviously) know-it-all i am, i respond with:

elody : *you're

luke : shut up.

elody : *acting correctly

elody : anyway, cant come over. i'm sick.

i don't hear back from luke for about thirty minutes. this stage in texting, i have no idea what boys do. they could be doing a million things, same with girls. and then my phone beeps.

luke : on my way.

elody : no. i'll get you sick. plus liz won't want you visiting her worst student :p

luke : too late. told her i'm going to the library.

elody : how rebellious of you.

luke : shut up.

8 minutes later, i get another text from luke.

luke : can you come to my car for a minute

elody : ew no, i'm not getting in a car w/ a stranger.

luke : just come outside or you'll ruin it. i have my pepper spray, i'm not afraid to spray you.

elody : grr.

elody : fine.

so i lazily walk outside in my light blue tank top and shorts with a dark green blanket covering my back. i spot luke's car in the front of my house, and his window is rolled down, and he's not facing me.


and then he sprays something at me. no no no no, agh god. i wipe my eyes and shake my head.

"no please, stop spraying me!"

luke bursts out laughing.

"it's just water, idiot." he laughs some more.

i hit his shoulder. "you made me come out here just to get sprayed?!"

"psh, no.." he pulls out a bag of marshmallows and a few dvds. "netflix and chill?"

although i'm completely aware what 'netflix and chill' means, i trust luke. he has a purity ring for goodness' sake. i imagine the algebra teacher's son to be pretty innocent, anyways. how bad can he be?

i let him come inside and luke sure makes himself comfortable. he collapses onto the sofa and spreads out his body on it, motioning me to come over by him. clutching my blanket still, i lay down on top of luke. i make a big show of sighing and turn to face him.

"pass me the marshmallows, please."

luke smiles halfway, "well, only because you said 'please'. can i hear it again?"

i make an angry face and lightly punch him in the arm, reaching for the bag but it's too far away. he takes it for himself, taking one small marshmallow out and facing me.

"say, 'ah'." he says.

i groan quietly under my breath and shake my head.

luke sighs, "fine. guess i'll just eat this myself-"

"no no! give me it. ah," i make my mouth into an oval shape.

he pops it into my mouth and i chew it slowly, if you can even chew a marshmallow slowly. i lick my lips.

"yum," i smile cheekily. "more."

and then - i can't believe he has the nerve to do this - he takes a handful of marshmallows and stuffs it in his mouth. my jaw drops and i pout.

"not fair, hemmo. not fair."

luke smirks, "bet you can't fit more than five marshmallows into your mouth and then swallow it."

"hah," i scoff. "i can totally take on that challenge. just watch, amateur."

i take one marshmallow and press it into my mouth.


he shakes his head and i take another.


i take three more and open my mouth as wide as i can, stuffing it all in my mouth.

"five." i have a hard time talking right now. do people actually fit more than this? it takes all of me to swallow it all, but i eventually do. and i actually feel proud of myself for fitting and swallowing five jumbo marshmallows into my mouth. "suck it, hemmings. mother-"

i get cut off by luke kissing me. it shocks me, but i can't help but staying in a bit longer. it's soft and sweet and delicate and- what am i talking about? my parents could be here in a few minutes. i need to stop my perversion. i pull away and snap out of it.

"what was that for, hemmo?" i wipe my mouth with my arm, trying to look mad, but doing a really bad job of it. "you're in denial," dawn would probably say. i ignore my thoughts as best as i can.

"seems to me like you were enjoying it," he shrugs.

"i.." shaking my head, i respond. "even if i did like it - which i didn't - we couldn't be together. it's just the facts. your mom hates me, and every girl in school likes you. we can't date."

luke is taking this surprisingly calm. "okay, christian grey," he says, making me smile. i don't want to smile, but i do. what? it's an instinct. he just has that affect on people. "i don't know, then.. maybe i'm the wrong you like."

i look at luke, trying to make a joke. "okay, mr. hemmings."


chubby bunny challenge : 5sos version

((yes i changed her name to elody mm whatcha sayyy))

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