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"he's the teacher's son."


27. 26 - code word

delilah sykes

{ the night elody and luke broke up }

why am i so nervous? usually i wouldn't be so nervous around mikey. we've become pretty close. maybe it's the crowd. i'm not good at parties. especially considering the fact that i'm a sophomore and mostly everyone else at this party are seniors. they must see me as such a small thing.

"oh," they'll probably say. "why is mikey here with that tiny sophomore blonde girl?"

why did i agree to even go to this damn party?

fortunately, i spent most of my time in the kitchen sitting on the counter. this really nice girl named dawn came to talk to me. we talked about music and vinyls and our favorite novels. i decided to talk to her for a while, and then go find michael. and then dawn mentioned to me that her best friend was named elody.

"my sister elody? elody sykes?"

she widened her eyes, chuckling, "yes, her. i forgot, you're her sister. we almost became friends for a second there," she winked, walking off to talk to a tan-skinned boy with black, brown-ish hair.

i walk around with my red solo cup, making my way through the crowd. i do my best to avoid the grinding couples and drunk teens, slightly making it past before i get stopped by ashton, elody's friend, bumping into me. my drink spills on my shirt when he does, and i sigh quietly.

he has his glasses on, which i never saw him in. his hair looks a bit curly and his hair is a lighter brown that usual, making me realize that he's probably just finished showering an hour ago or something.

he actually looks really cute.

"oh my gosh, i am so so sorry," he apologizes, turning around a second to grab some towels and then starts to dry me off.

i find myself smiling, and then placing my cup gently on the counter next to the roll of towels.

"it's okay, ashton. it's just a spill. i can wash it when i get home."

he throws the towels in the garbage, and glancing up to look me in the eye. his neck turns a soft, light red color and i realize he's blushing.

"you, um- you look nice, delilah."

now i find myself blushing. "thank you, ashton. you look great too."

"so how's mikey?" he asks, filling the silence.

"he's, um.." i glance at the room, shrugging. "he's alright. how are you?"

he grins with his mouth closed, "great. parties aren't really my thing. i'm glad you're here. i have someone to talk to."

i laugh quietly, "me too. mikey had to practically drag me here."

he nods, smiling nervously and i see his adorable dimples. he licks his lips, walking away. i brush myself off, from my ripped blue jeans to white-grey flannel and my dark gray crop top with a band i listen to called the smiths.

eventually, i do find mikey. he's sitting on the couch with dawn, that tan-skinned boy who i think name's calum, and ashton. mikey laughs at something calum says, a beer in both of their hands. he glances at me when he notices me, and he smiles drunkenly.

"delly! c'mere, cutie," he chuckles.

i want to say, "can't we do this another time, michael?" or "can we go home?"

by now, it's about 4:00am. god, elody's gonna kill me if i'm out this late. i text elody once more, reminding her i'll be staying overnight.

i sigh to myself, sitting down next to mikey until he pulls me onto his lap.

"my beautiful girlfriend," he mumbles, pecking my lips and then kissing me again.

he takes my hand, trying to pull me upstairs but i refuse.

"mikey, can we go home?"

he sighs, "now?"

once i remind myself how drunk he is, i shake my head. "fine. i'll go home. calum or dawn can drive you back, alright? i'm not.. i'm not letting you drive drunk."

he crosses his arms, pouting like a little 4 year-old. "fine.." he murmurs. "then, you evil little genius, who's gonna drive you?"

"i.." biting my lip, i look down at my hands.

"i'll drive her," ashton cuts in. he shrugs on his jacket, nodding his head towards the door. "you coming, delilah?"

it doesn't take us long to get out the door and into the car.

i almost ask, "you haven't been drinking, have you?" but i stop myself because i know ashton wouldn't offer to drive me if he was drinking. besides, he's not a big drinker.

he must suspect something is wrong, because he asks, "are you alright?"

i don't answer. "fine."

he chuckles, "silly girl. don't you know that 'fine' is code word for 'not fine'?"

when i don't answer again, he speaks, "look, just.. ignore mikey. i know he can be a handful when he's drunk, but he's a good guy."

"i know.. thank you, ashton."

he makes a turn onto my street, parking his car in front of the house.

"this is your stop," he says. "i'll walk you out."

we both step out of the car, and he walks me to the door.

"ashton? thanks for driving me."

he smiles, pulling me into a warm, gentle hug. "no problem, delilah."

and then he's gone.


thought i should give delilah's pov bc i haven't really given much about ashton in a while.

btw, did anyone notice the jordan sweeto song reference i put in mikey's line? ahaha.

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