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"he's the teacher's son."


26. 25 - vulnerable

elody sykes

january 3rd, 2016

it's about the beginning of january, and we're back from the trip to chicago. finally home. time for peace and quiet. well, with my sister, of course, but she's out with mikey right now.

i decide to go to sleep late, because i'm up all night reading jenny han novels.


a noise by my window wakes me up. i flinch. delilah isn't back home yet, is she? no, she said she wasn't going to be back until tomorrow morning. what is that girl doing out so late, anyways? god, i sound like a parent.

thick, messy blond hair sticks out through the window, and the person climbs through and i see luke. so it's just him. what is he doing here? i glance at the clock - 2:00am.

i flick on the lamp on my bedside table. "jesus christ, luke, what are you doing here? and why did you come through the window? you could've just knocked on the door. wait, are you okay? did you get hurt climbing up?"

he shakes his head, coming closer to me and sitting criss-crossed on my bed, facing me.

"i just missed you."

i take a closer look at luke. he's drunk, red-eyed, and buzzed. why now? out of all the times he could unexpectedly walked through the window drunk?

"did you.." i say, barely a whisper. "did you drive drunk?"

he shrugs, "yeah, but i'm f-fine," he slurred.

sighing, i open my arms to him. "c'mere."

luke hovers over me, cuddling into my arms and kissing my neck. i let him kiss me for a while, until things start to get a bit heated and he slides his hand up my shirt. but i put his hand down.

shaking my head at him, i look into his eyes, "luke, no."

he furrows his eyebrows, "why the hell not?"

"because, luke, you're drunk. i don't wanna do it when you're drunk, okay?"

he huffs, crossing his arms. and i swear, in the quietest voice, he mumbled, "aleisha always gave me what i want."

did he just?

he's trying to make you jealous, elody. don't listen to him.

"well.." i shrug. "i'm not aleisha.." i whisper to myself, "you can tell aleisha to fuck off."

he raises an eyebrow at me, "there was nothing wrong with aleisha, you know. she's great."

"i know."

"she was super sweet and nice and sexy-"

i groan, "i know, luke, got it."

"she treated me great, if you know what i mean."

jesus christ, what is this boy saying?

"i'm sorry, okay?" i apologize. "i'm overprotective."

he rolls his eyes, taking a pillow from my closet. "i'm gonna go sleep on the couch downstairs."

my hand reaches out, but i pull it back. "fine," i sigh.

"asshole," he mumbles.

"i am not an asshole," i scoff, getting a bit mad.

he just wants a reaction out of you, i remind myself.

he shakes his head, giving me a dirty look. "at least aleisha could touch me properly."


don't cry, elody, don't cry.

he's just trying to make you jealous.

he doesn't mean it.

he's just drunk.

my voice is small, meek, and.. vulnerable. "i.." i wipe my eye with my thumb, preventing a tear to fall. you will not cry in front of this boy. "f-fine. then go back to her. let's just break up, for all i care. get out. call a friend to pick you up or something, i don't care, i just want you out."

he doesn't answer, making me even more frustrated. i groan, "luke, you can't just show up at my house drunk. i am not your safe haven. go to your damn house."

realizing what he's just said, his face softens, "elody, i- wait, you know i didn't mean it, i just wanted to make you jealous. you know how i get."

when i don't answer, i lay back, closing my eyes, wishing i wasn't there.

"i don't want to say goodbye this way."

it feels like years, with the silence filling the room.

he's gone.


i know a lot of you will get mad at this chapter but


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