algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


25. 24 - kitten smile

i took my snakebites out. they hurt like hell, and i know the healing process is obviously supposed to be torture, but who cares? i'm not good with pain, so i took them out before i was supposed to. i think i look better without the piercings. my fingers touch the holes where the needles were inserted, and it felt so weird.

luke is the one who rocks the piercings, not me.

luke and i were laughing about nothing in particular. we were in one of those giddy moods that day, when you laugh for no reason. but it's amazing, and happy, and i wish i was like that all the time.

i cupped my hands around luke's face as we sat criss-crossed on my bed.

he broke out into a chuckle, "what are you doing for christmas?"

i sighed, "my cousins invited me to america, in chicago. i don't know if i'm gonna go, though. it's a bit of a struggle, with everything and.. you know."

luke traced a heart with his fingers on the palm of my hand, "i think you should go."

my head tilts, "oh, yeah?"

"yeah," he nodded. "and i should come too."

i almost laugh, "you have to be with your family, lucas. isn't liz all strict about holidays? you'd be putting your brothers through torture."

"pfft, i can go. i'm a man."

childishly, i stick my tongue out at him, resulting in him to lick it. i put my tongue back in my mouth, chuckling. "ew, gross." he laughs and i hit his shoulder playfully. "you should spend christmas with your family."

he shrugs, "they'll still get to see me afterwards. besides, i spend enough time with them. please elody? can i go?" he begged like a four year-old, but it was adorable.



delilah sykes

mikey and i were cuddling on the couch at his apartment. i know i probably shouldn't be at an older guy's apartment at my age, but i really don't care. he was the big spoon, i was the little spoon. we were cute together.

i straightened my glasses on my nose and continued reading, ignoring mikey following along the book with me.

"soo.." he says.


"i heard you were going to america for christmas."

"hm?" i say, snapping out of the trance i was in earlier. "oh, yeah. sorry, i forgot to tell you. it's not a big deal, though. we're just staying for a week."

he pouts, "a week without my girlfriend?"

i turn my body to face him, pecking the tip of his nose and he kissed mine. "i'm sorry, mikey. i wish you could go."

he twisted a piece of my hair, sighing. "so were you ever going to ask me if i wanted to go?"

i give him a really look, finally giving in. "would you like to travel with me to america for christmas, michael gordon clifford?"

he gave me a cheeky, kitten-like smile. "i would love to, delilah sykes."

such a little cliché.


i was driving to my first therapy session (it went well, the cute guy in the waiting room looked like mikey murphy) and saw the inches of snow already, inspiring this chapter.

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