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"he's the teacher's son."


24. 23 - volunteer

i sigh and stand up away from luke's arms and off the bed. we weren't doing anything - well, we were doing something - but not that thing. i don't know if i even want to. of course i want to some day, and i know luke wants to, but i don't know if i should.

"do you have to go?" luke whines.

"i need the service hours, luke," i tell him, putting on my too-big jean jacket that my cousin gave me. "i won't get into a good college without them."

he sits up. "i can come with you. i have a car."

i shrug, "you could. but i don't think you'd want to. you're definitely not the type that wants to stay in a classroom for two hours with a bunch of seventh graders."

"i'm still coming," luke states, putting on a new shirt. i look away, resisting the urge not to look at him.

and finally, after a lot of pleading, we're at the school.


i would've volunteered to help the second graders with their homework, but they were so whiny all the time. the seventh graders at least have a little respect. well, most of them. i was, at least.

we were walking in the hallway on our way to room 3 when luke pecks my neck, putting his hand around my waist. he pulls me to the side of him and i let go when we walk in the room. the students are already seated down, and the girls are staring at luke. i know they're 13 year olds, but i feel myself getting jealous. one of the boys wearing a football uniform whistles when he sees me. luke puts his arm on my shoulder and i wave.

"hey, i'm elody, this is luke. we'll, i mean, i, will just be helping with homework.​ if you need anything, just raise your hand and i'll help."

one girl with pink dip-dyed hair raised her hand, winking at luke. "what if you need to help multiple people at once? can luke help too?"

i glance at luke, and i know it's horrible, but i don't want him to help them. i'd get too jealous. those girls look 16, when they're 13. are there more hormones in the food or something? i looked freaking 8 year old in seventh grade.

"yeah, i'll help," he nods.

hands, both girls and boys, immediately go up and i take a seat in the empty chair at an all-boys table. no matter how jealous i get, i can't go to the girls' table. i couldn't stand the popular girls in school, what makes you think i'd help them?

for seventh graders, they're kind of attractive. they look only maybe one or two years younger than me. they seemed like the popular, jock type boys. the ones that teased me in middle school, which i didn't care about at all, really. i knew i'd be out of there in a few years.

"can you help me with this?" a brown haired boy with black hoop earrings said to me, pointing at a page in his workbook.

"yeah, sure." i take a look at the problems, and i only understand half of it. i should've payed more attention in maths class.

i clear my voice, trying to make him do the problem so i don't have to. "do you, uh.. figure out the first problem by yourself, so i know you can do it."

he shrugs and i feel someone twisting my hair. at first i think it's luke, but i turn my head. no one's there, but i look to my side and see a blond-haired boy smirking and looking at his book, pretending that he didn't do anything.

the blond then starts to help me with the problem, and the brown-haired one puts his arm on my shoulder. i think nothing of it, of course, because the girls are flirting up a storm with luke. i swear, they act like teenagers already.

30 minutes later, even though we still have an hour and a half left, luke stands up. all of a sudden, right when i'm sitting in the chair helping the boys with their homework, luke kisses me. i'm glad he did, because when we pulled apart, the girls had dirty looks on their faces. one of the boys clapped and another girl rolled her eyes.

"can we go?" he whispers.

i stand up from my seat and sigh. luke didn't smile, i didn't smile. "okay, we have to go. sorry this was cut early, i'll see you guys next week."

as luke and i walk out, the blond-haired boy shouted, "ARE YOU GUYS GONNA HAVE S-" we closed the door before he finished his sentence. it would've been awkward for everyone.

luke and i stand in the parking lot by the car, not even going in yet.

"what the hell was that?" luke says a bit angrily, pointing to the school.

i raise an eyebrow, "what was what?"

"those guys were hitting on you, it was obvious!"

i cross my arms, "and those girls were hitting on you! why are you so angry at me when the girls did the same thing to you?!"

"i don't want them flirting with my freaking girlfriend! none of the girls put their arms around me, or twist my damn hair!"

"winking isn't flirting?! one of them was trying to show more of their cleavage, luke, what the actual hell?!"

"i just.." he looked down, biting his lip ring. "i don't want them stealing what's mine."

my tone softens, "i'm not your property, luke."

"i know, but i..."

"they're seventh graders, for goodness' sake."

luke doesn't say anything, and i wouldn't either.

"why don't you just go?" i say, licking my lips.

he sniffs, "i'd rather fight with you than leave."

i wipe a tear on his cheek and kiss his nose lightly. "next time, next week, you're not going with me. okay?"

"okay," he chuckles.



i was actually doing service hours yesterday and one of the middle schoolers flirted with me, thus creating the inspiration for this chapter. i'll start updating more often. sorry, i was taking a little break and had absolutely no ideas for a next chapter.

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