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"he's the teacher's son."


20. 20 - skinny dipping

delilah sykes

as soon as i walked out of the house, i didn't bother going back inside to see my mom crying even more. i don't need that shit. i just have to find elody.

"i need your help," i said immediately right when michael picked up.

he didn't respond right away, which i wouldn't either. "what do you mean? with what?"

"i don't know where elody is and i need your help to find her."

"why'd she-"

i cut michael off, trying not to waste time. "no questions, michael. i just want to find my sister. i need to know where she is. yeah, she can be a pain sometimes, but she's the only one i have right now."

mikey let out a short laugh. "the only one, you say?"

"well.. you too."

"i'll pick you up outside of your house."


elody sykes

"where's luke?" i say, standing in front of aleisha's door.

she puts her hands on her hips and gives me a snobby look. her hair is in a high bun, and her makeup is layered so much it looks like a cake. she's going somewhere, or already went somewhere. possibly with luke. but he hasn't come home yet, and i'm tired of waiting.

aleisha looks at me, up and down. "i don't know what you're talking about."

"i know you two hooked up. what, did you get him drunk or something?" i'm on the verge of crying, but i hold it in. "i don't know where else he would be."

she laughs rudely at me. "that's kinda sad, you know."


"that you don't know where luke is. that you think, out of everywhere in the country, that he'd be with me. that's sad. i actually feel bad for you."

i take a step back and flip her off before she slams the door in my face. screw aleisha. screw mom. screw school. all i need right now is luke. i'm not even allowed to see him, for christ's sake. i snuck out for him. and he doesn't even stay with me for an hour.


luke hemmings

i'm not sure where i am right now. austin dragged me to some house. he said something about drinking too much, and then he threw up after. i've thrown up too, of course, but not on the freaking sidewalk. that's disgusting. but i guess you don't really remember much when you're drunk.

the house is cold. i consider going back outside, but it's even colder out there. jesus. why is it cold out? it's australia. you could fry an egg on the streets during wintertime.

"what are your thoughts on skinny-dipping?" austin slurred.

i lazily shrug and take another swig of my beer, accidentally dropping it on the floor after. oh well. not my problem. it's the owner's problem now.

"they have a pool outside," austin nodded and pointed at the girl who's face he was practically eating just a few minutes ago. "she wants to go skinny-dipping. i can't do it alone, man."

i cross my arms, sighing. i'm too drunk to make decisions right now. "okay, okay. i'll go to their dirty pool. but don't blame me if we get kicked out."

eventually the three of us, including the girl austin is with, are completely naked. i have no care in the world who's watching. i just glide across the water. i look behind me and see austin and the girl making out, him pinning her to the wall. i stick my tongue out at them and climb out of the pool, looking for my clothes. but i can't find them, and that's about the time when i'm freaking out. just a little.

a few dreadful minutes later, i give up. my clothes are nowhere to be found. i find my phone on one of the chairs and call elody.

she picks up on the first ring, saying, "where the hell are you, hemmings?"

"i need you to pick me up." i began telling her the address, but unfortunately, i forgot to tell her to bring me a change of clothes.

elody eventually came and rolled her eyes when she saw me. she gestured for me to get in - but in the backseat.

i frown, "can i sit with you?"

she starts the car, "do you want people to see your naked body?"


"i believe you know the answer to that."

i shrug and get in the backseat of the car. she sighs, "you can't keep disappearing on me, luke."

i don't respond.

"you're drunk, aren't you?"

no response.

she turned her head to face me, "do you know how much i've risked to be with you? and you don't even have the decency to stay for more than an hour."

she pulls over to the side of the road.

this is when i finally say something. "i'm sorry."

elody bites her lip, not exactly angrily, but confused. she closed her eyes, "stop saying sorry, jesus christ, luke. it makes it harder to be mad at you."

and i'm back to not responding. her eyes shifted to see my body and her face went red. she turned back to face the road and began to drive.


ashton irwin 

as much as i hate to admit it, yes, i love elody. if only she would love me back. wouldn't that be great? to live in a world where you love someone and they love you back? that'd be amazing. too bad it doesn't work that way. not to me.

i sat in my bed while blink-182's vinyl quietly played on my record player. i stopped the record and plugged in my earphones, blocking out all of the silence and blasted 'cult leader' by hotel books. i tried to fall asleep, but couldn't. i sang the lyrics softly to myself, hoping that i'll fall asleep soon.

"and i can see those bags under your eyes, and the sun is a reminder that we're not afraid to die. with rays burning flesh and our shoulders turning red. the last hope we had was dragged in the streets by a cigarette."


if you're into music similar to best coast, then i highly suggest courtney barnett (she's amazing, i promise. and australian, so that makes her even better-)

btw i'm listening to the 'my neighbor totoro' soundtrack and it's making me really happy c:

((15k ahh))

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