algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


2. 2 - shut up

yesterday, the principal explained to the school that the upperclassmen have testing. therefore we don't need to bring any books, since all we'll be doing in class is testing and won't have any time to get a lesson in or study. i decide to bring my ukulele, just because i want to show dawn how similar my version of 'house of gold' by twenty one pilots is to the original.

the music room is currently completely empty. ms. lockhart tells us to just sit on the floor, and i quote, "act correctly". these two people are arguing and someone says "shut up". of course she lectures them about "acting correctly".

i add in just because it's the truth, "ms. lockhart, correct me if i'm wrong, but there's a huge difference between the term 'shut up' and 'acting correctly'. 'acting correctly' isn't always the right thing. for example, i could be selling drugs to my friend dawn over here and i would tell her to 'act correctly'. doesn't mean it's the right thing, now does it?"

ms. lockhart sighs and sits back on the floor, looking over the papers. after 10 minutes, she smirks at me and sits in front of me. i raise an eyebrow suspiciously and i suppose she says what she says to get back at me.

"i'll give you extra points if you get up in front of class with your ukulele and sing a song."

i chuckle, as if she thinks i'd really do that. "sorry ms. l. it's gonna take more than a few extra credit points for a class where homework is worth 10% and participation is worth 50%. i could easily ace this class without it."

it seems she isn't the best at comebacks, because she replies with, "do you want the points or not?"

i sigh and stand up, unzipping the ukulele from its case. ms. lockhart ever so gracefully yells at the class, "ELODYSYKES WILL NOW SING US A SONG ON HER UKULELE!"

way to be subtle, ms. lockhart. way to be subtle.

the first song i can think of that pops in my head is candles by daughter. i know everyone probably wants me to sing bad blood by taylor swift or animals by maroon 5 or something on the radio. something they've heard of, at least. but nope, i'm gonna release the hipster inside of me and play something they've never heard before.

when i get to the front of class, a wave of anxiousness and nervousness crashes over me. and i feel like running out, but i try and suck it up. it'll be over in a few minutes. my phone buzzes and i check it, unaware that everyone can see me. it's from dawn.

dawn : enjoy your five minutes of fame, doofus ;-)

i smile and it makes me feel slightly better. jamming my phone back into my pocket, i manage to get a tune out.

"that boy, take me away, into the night. out of the hum of the street lights, and into the forest."

i quickly glance at the class and continue. "i'll do whatever you say to me in the dark."

when i finish the first verse, i sing the chorus. "blow out all the candles, blow out all the candles. 'you're too old to be so shy' he says to me, so i stay the night."

i eventually end the song, resulting in the class clapping, even though they kind of have to. i see dawn smiling with her mouth closed, but luke however. he's smiling widely, teeth showing and all. i look down, trying to hold in a smile myself and take my seat next to dawn. i ignore the guy whistling at me and saying, "you can blow out my candles anyday."

when i get my essay back from ms. lockhart, 10 extra credit points are added and a smiley face, which is a big thing from her. after class, i manage to fit my ukulele into my locker and see a hand closing it for me. i look to see who the mystery locker door closer is and i see luke.

"you were pretty good out there," he compliments.

i shake my head, "me? nah, no one's even heard of that song before. thanks anyway."

"i'm serious."

i finally smile, "shut up, hemmings."

"you mean 'acting correctly'?" he jokes.

i hit his shoulder lightly and laugh, "shut up." and i can practically feel him smiling at me as i walk away.


shut up hemmo.

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