algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


19. 19 - cherry infused vodka

luke and i lay on bed, facing each other. just staring, trying to spend as much time with each other as possible. luke's face is stubbly. he hasn't shaved, but i don't mind. he kisses my forehead, holding my hand lightly.

"you smell like green apples," he smiles. "what shampoo do you use?"

i sigh, "dork. i use suave.."

he makes a 'mm' sound and twists a piece of my hair. "don't change your shampoo."

"you're such a hopeless romantic..."

he chuckles, "call me hopeless, but not a romantic. and i thought i was a dork?"

"dorky hopeless romantic."

"that's it."

he pouts, "i'm hungryy. make me a sandwich."

i give him a look, "that's so sexist."

he mocks me, "'that's so sexist.'"

luke sits up, criss-crossed on the bed. i do the same.

"we're gonna play a game," he nods.

i furrow my eyebrows in confusion. "okay. how do you play?"

"we're gonna list a bunch of things that we like about each other. and if we can't think of one, the winner has to cook the loser's dinner."

my jaw drops. "that's not fair, i'm a horrible cook."

"too bad. let's start," he clears his voice. "i like how you're so shy about singing but you're actually amazing at it."

i nod, "not bad, hemmo." i take a second to think. "i like how you can look good with and without a beard."

"awe." he smiles. "maybe i should-"

"that does not mean i'm letting you grow a beard, hemmings. get that thought out of your mind," i laugh.

"fine.." he takes my hand hesitantly. "i like how calm you are with a single mom and a teen sister."

wrong. i'm not calm at all. i'm stressed 24/7.

i don't respond to his comment. "i like how you got a lip ring without your parent's permission. that was very brave of you."

he laughs, "you have no idea how mom my mad was." he takes a second to think. "um.. i like how you're seeing me even after your mom told you not to. that was very brave of you."

before i can speak, luke's phone vibrates. he got a text message. i didn't get to see it. he pulled it away too quickly. he starts to stand up, and i try not to frown. he shoves his phone back into his pocket, and for a moment i think he's going to sit back down again, but he doesn't.

"i'll be back soon," he says, pecking my cheek. "resume later?"

"uhm.." i bite my lip, glancing down at my hands and then back at him. "yeah. sure. later."

luke leaves me in his room. i don't climb out of the window immediately. i lay in his sheets for a few minutes, knowing that he's not going to come back anytime soon.


luke hemmings

one of my old friends, austin jones, texted me saying that he had an emergency at the bar he works at. we haven't talked for at least two years, but we've recently started talking - well, drinking, mostly.

i spot him behind the counter and sit down. "what's up, dude? you had an emergency? i had to ditch my girlfriend for this."

he snorts, "that elody girl? she's so boring. did you see what she did to that ashton guy? poor bastard. not that i'm complaining, you're way better than that dork."

i try to brush it off, because it's austin. just his personality. you can't really get mad at him for that. not really possible.

i shake my head, "whatever, man. what's the emergency?"

he pulls out two shot glasses, filled to the top with some cherry-infused vodka that he bought at the party i went to - the one with aleisha. he raises one of them mid-way in the air.

"not much of an emergency," he chuckled. god, he's high already. "just needed someone to get drunk with. bottoms up," he says, quickly taking a swig of the drink.

my tongue touches the roof of my mouth, and i'm about to get up from my chair and walk out, but i stop. "i don't know, i kinda promised elody i'd be back soon.."

he scoffed, "lame-ass. c'mon, just a few drinks." he blinks after drinking. "damn, that stuff is brutal. i should recommend this drink to everyone here."

he took another, and then i did. and then things went blurry, and we experienced the same routine me and austin had every time we got drunk. it usually involved him making out with a random girl in some random room, and then me going over what happened that night, regretting a few things, and then getting even more high.


delilah sykes

michael appeared on the front porch steps of my house after i parked mom's car in the driveway. i just got home from swimming. my hair was wet, and i looked like a mess. he was scrolling aimlessly on his phone and then looked up when he saw me.

he smiled a full-teeth smile. "hey."

"hi." i force a closed-mouth smile and then walk up to him.

he stands up and then kisses me out of nowhere. i'm so shocked, i realize i'm not even kissing back. before i can really get into the kiss, he pulls away.

"so..." he nods. "wanna go inside?"

i blink twice and clear my thoughts, nodding. "yeah. right. let's go in."

by the time we're inside the house, michael is not shy of making himself comfortable. he lays down his body on the couch and puts out his arms, gesturing for me to come over.

"i- um-" make up an excuse, delilah. it'll be too awkward to lay down with him. "i have homework."

he winked, "homework can wait."

before i know it, he's pulling me into his arms and he takes my hand.

"is elody here?" he says kind of quietly, but not so much of a whisper.

my head shakes 'no', and just when i do nod, he kisses me again. this time i pull away.

i so stupidly speak my thoughts. "you're doing this because you're lonely, aren't you? you don't actually like me, or maybe you like elody, and you think i look a lot like her. you're taking what you can get. it's not possible to like me. are you just interested in me because elody told you that i like you?"

i look at him seriously, and he laughs softly. "no. i.."

god, jesus christ, why was he doing this to me?

i fill in, "because you shouldn't like me. i'm screwed up."

he stands up from the couch. "okay, then. here's the truth." he pauses for a dramatic effect, and then starts. "i've always asked out the girls i knew would say no, the ones i couldn't have. cheerleaders, goths, et cetera, et cetera."

i interrupt him, "are you saying i'm too easy?"

"no," he shakes his head. "no. i'm saying that i've never thought about liking you before. i thought i couldn't, because elody is your sister, and i thought i'd be, like, betraying friend-code or something. but since i have, i.. can't really stop thinking about you? and i just- i don't know how to say this, god-"

i can't help but smile. "michael?"

he looks up at me, "yeah?"

and then we're kissing, and it was great. i didn't want it to end. and then my mom walked in. luckily, michael pulled away just in time. he nodded at me and walked out. mom gave me a suspicious look and then gestured me to the couch. i sat on the chair and she sat on the couch. the distance between us was awkward, but i tried to ignore it.

"what is it?" i ask.

mom bursts out into tears, something i'd actually expect her to do. i don't know if that's a good thing or not.

she sniffs, and wipes her eyes. "elody's gone. i don't know where she went. she left after i told her that she couldn't see luke anymore-"

i get kind of pissed off at mom, but try to stay calm. "you told her to stay away from him? have you seen how happy she is with him?"

she sighs, "she was perfectly happy without him, and she still can be."

"yeah, emphasis on 'was'. you can't do that to her. you don't even know luke."

she scoffs, making me even more annoyed. "yeah, and i suppose you know that boy you were kissing when i walked in?"

i stand up, pointing a finger at her while talking. "that's not fair at all. we don't even know that name of that boy you're seeing. you have no right to say that."

she doesn't respond, because she's busy crying. i've had enough. "i'm looking for elody." before i know it, i'm up from that dumb chair and out the door.


this chapter was inspired by 'victorious' by panic! at the disco and the book 'maybe one day' by melissa kantor ^-^ (sorry but i can actually imagine austin jones acting like that please don't kill me-)


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