algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


18. 18 - glasses

dawn duchannes ((i'm reading 'beautiful creatures' and i couldn't think of a last name ok stop judging me-))

when i opened the door, calum was there. he looked focused, and determined. he wanted to know something, that was for sure. he was confused.

"i need to know what we are," he stated.

of course i knew what he meant. but i don't even know "what we are".

"i don't know what you're talking about."

"okay, dawn, listen." he closed the door behind him and continued. "i like you, a lot. okay? i've liked you since freshman year. but i don't want to mess things up between us. i'm tired of avoiding each other. i want to see you again."

i don't respond. what the hell am i supposed to say?

he shakes his head and mumbles, "figures." he starts to walk out, and when he reaches his car, i stop him. i won't let him get away again.

"listen.." i sigh. "i like you. a lot. and if you're into it, i'm into it too. whatever you want. any decision i make is stupid. you choose, it'll be a lot easier."

and then we're hugging. we stay like that for a while. neither of us want to break away.


elody sykes

i remember the first time me and ashton met. it was at the park, and dawn and i had to walk our little cousin there. we were babysitting, which i was complete shit at, but i needed the extra money.

sitting on the other bench is where i saw him. his hair was straightened. i kind of miss his straightened hair. now it's curly and all over the place. he was just sitting there. i remember thinking that he was cute, maybe even cuter than harry, back when i had a crush on harry and he was still my babysitter.

i took out my phone and started texting dawn.

elody : omg dAWN theres a rlyy cute guy here wth am i supposed to do

dawn : go tf up to him you chicken.

elody : i'm not chicken. i'm vegan.

dawn : i don't need your vegan sass right now. go.

i pulled out the camera app and got a quick picture of him, not even realizing that the flash was on and that he was wearing glasses. he looked at me and smiled, his dimples showing.

we started talking after that. the rest is history, of course, except that we aren't really talking.

ashton came over again, to see how i was doing. another long session of not talking and wasting time isn't really that surprising now.

it took him about 15 minutes until he spoke up and got the courage to say something.

"so," he started. "i wanted to tell you that you don't have to worry about me. i definitely liked you, and i probably still do, but.."

i tilt my head at him, trying not to smile.

"wrong choice of words," he chuckles, trying to brush it off. "what i mean is, that i don't want your stupid pity."

"wow," i nod. "that was even worse than 'i definitely liked ou, and i probably still do'."

he laughed now, a genuine, real laugh. "i'm really screwing this up, aren't i?"

i shrug, "just a bit, ash. just a bit."

i miss calling him 'ash'.

ashton smiles a smile that i've always liked. "but you know what i mean, right ellie?"

i miss him calling me 'ellie'.

"right," i laugh slightly.

ashton and i talk for the rest of the time that he's here, and it feels like old times, the ones i really missed.

when he finally left, mom came into the room. she sat on my bed and gave me a concerned look, the one i've always dreaded.

"so, i want to talk to you about luke..."

here it comes.

"as a single mom, it's been hard for me, elody." she looks like she's about to cry, and i have no doubt in my mind that in a second she will. "i tried so hard to prevent you from growing up too fast or making you hate me. i just wanted you to stay here." she starts to tear up, just like i expected. "and i know i can't protect you from everything-"

i hug her before she full-out sobs. "it's okay, mom, it's okay. everything's fine, i feel fine. i'm alright. i need you to be alright too."

"i don't want you to see that boy anymore."

that's the thing that makes me break away.

she continues when i don't say anything. "elody, it's just that he's so bad for you. and isn't he your algebra teacher's son? you're not doing that well in her class, anyway. maybe it's for the best."

"i'm not.." i shake my head. "i'm still going to see him."

"el, right now, you just need to focus on your family and friends and your injuries. he got you in a car accident, el. you shouldn't see him. you'll thank me later."

i stand up from my bed, my ankle still a bit sore. "don't call me, 'el'. only calum calls me that." it's not long before i'm out the door and in front of luke's house.


so everyone in my school is hating on twenty one pilots and i'm just like *blasts 'shut up' by blink-182 in their face*

((10.2k is this real life-))

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