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"he's the teacher's son."


17. 17 - enigma

it's been about a month since i've been at the hospital. i've just been recently sent back home, which i'm thankful for. it could be a lot worse. my surgeries are done, but my arm is still broken. the sprain healed right away.

harry's been sleeping over. i keep telling him that he doesn't have to stay, that i'll be alright. but he stays, and i'm kind of happy for that.

delilah hasn't been her usual quirky self, slowly getting sadder every day. she's always silent, and she hasn't dyed her hair at all. she took her nose ring out, and now there's a small hole in her nose, that mom is disgusted by. we've gotten so disconnected.

dawn and i have been texting, although she hasn't visited me once since i got home from the hospital. i still have no idea what she and calum are, or her "boyfriend", or her drunk scene at homecoming about three months ago. i wish she wouldn't keep so many secrets, but i'm in no position to argue about secrets.

i've asked delilah about michael, but she never gives a real response. it's always a shrug or "nothing", and then she walks out of the room.

as for ashton, i miss him. he's visited me every day since i've gotten back home. we don't really talk, but he stays in the room with me. i've been so horrible to him about luke, and i don't understand why he still visits.


delilah sykes

"no way, that happened? you're kidding me," dottie said surprisingly at me, pausing 'me and earl and the dying girl', leaving greg, the main character, blurred on the screen.

i shook my head, "nope, he kissed me. it was.. sudden. you know?"

"you lost your kiss-ginity!" she giggled.

i hit her shoulder, "shut up, that was not my first kiss."

she rolls her eyes, as if i'm in idiot. "seventh grade doesn't count. we were literally 12."


my hands grasp the remote, unpausing the tv and greg's face is clear again.


luke hemmings

it's been a month since i've seen elody. a month since i've seen my girlfriend. that's, like, 31 days. too long of a time for my taste. it feels like i've been gone for a millennia. i want to see her again. to feel her again. her touch, her scent, her personality, her warmth. i don't care if she's still hurt, or if she doesn't want to see me. because i want to see her.

i find myself climbing through her window again. she's sleeping softly, quietly on her side. i watch her, relieved that i can finally see her again. it's been a long month. her eyes flutter open and she sees me, sitting back in her sheets a bit.

"hi," i whisper to her. "i missed you."

"what are you doing here?"

"i, um.. wanted to see you."

she doesn't respond, and i don't blame her.

"i've been a mess without you," i admit. "i regret everything, i regret the fight, i regret cheating. i'd take it all back if i could."

elody licks her lips, looking down at her sheets. "luke, i love you. but i don't trust you. besides, we'd just.. we would fight all the time."

"screw it, i don't care what you do, as long as you take me back. i love you so much, and i'm so so sorry. i need you."

she scoffs, shaking her head. "like you even care," she mumbles.

elody stands up from her bed, facing me.

"elody, that's the problem. jesus christ, i care too much. i'm always worrying, always wondering what you're thinking. you're so hard to understand. an enigma i can't crack," i say, wiping my eyes.

elody's tearing up now, blinking to hold back the tears. "you're such an idiot," she sniffs. "just kiss me already."

before i know it, my lips are on hers, moving in sync. together. it feels amazing. i kiss her gently and carefully, afraid that i'll mess something up. my arms wrap around her, running my hands through her hair. she starts to cry, and i do too. i kiss her once again before leaving, even though i don't even want to go.


*aggressively sings girlfriend by avril lavigne to luke hemmings*

((8k omg yES))

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