algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


15. 15 - lightning

it's been raining all day. stopping occasionally, and then starting back up again. i woke up to the sound of rain, something i really love. staying on the topic of love.. i think i love luke. i decide to tell him this morning. it's sunday, and i have a good feeling that he's at home right now.

my car stops and i spot luke from a distance, in a bathroom i suppose. i quietly climb up to the room he's in, hoping that nobody hears me. it'd be hella embarrassing to have my algebra teacher find me sneaking into their bathroom.

when i finally get up, i see luke brushing his teeth, looking at himself in the mirror. he's shirtless and in his boxers. his lips are covered in toothpaste. i kiss him. toothpaste kisses are something i really love, too.


luke hemmings

hangovers are horrible. but waking up knowing that you've cheated on your girlfriend the night before while drunk is worse. she kissed me, and i kissed back a little, but pulled away after. i couldn't look her in the eye knowing what i've done. toothpaste got on her mouth as well and i washed my mouth off.

i need to tell her what happened. that i hooked up with aleisha.


elody sykes

luke said that he wanted to tell me something after he took me out for dinner. we saw the movie 'me and earl and the dying girl', and i saw luke crying. he denied it, of course, but we both know he did. we agreed to just go to noodles and company for dinner. he offered that we go to some fancy restaurant, but i shook my head no.

i plan to tell him i love him tonight. i'm kinda scared.

it's thunder storming hard now. the rain is loud and the sky is dark and there's lightning everywhere. luke finished eating his dinner, and i could tell something was up. he's been suspicious all night. we had a late dinner, and it's probably 9:00pm or something now.

he bites his lower lip, looking down. "so, uh.. that thing i needed to tell you."

i nod, and he makes a quick eye contact with me. "i want you to know that i was drunk, and stupid, and i regret it."

"i need to know what you did first before i can judge you," i remind him.

he sighs. "right, um... so i.."

i get a tiny bit annoyed. "spit it out, luke."

"i hooked up with aleisha."

i'm already tearing up. what the hell am i doing here? i get up from my chair. it doesn't take me long to get out of there. i'm already tearing up as luke follows me out.

we drive in silence. my house is an hour away, and the silence is violent.

i start to count the lightning bolts as we go. i've counted 40 already.

"i'm sorry," luke says.

i shake my head. "i can't believe you," i whisper.

41 lightning bolts.

"i was drunk."

42 lightning bolts.

i'm crying now, covering my eyes, trying to hold everything in. i'm stressed out, and i have to let everything out. i see a single tear fall down luke's cheek, and he's biting his lip hard it looks like he's about to bleed.

"your fucking ex, luke."

43 lightning bolts.

"i didn't even recognize her, she wasn't even that pretty. i'm sorry."

44 lightning bolts.

i look out the window. "and to think i was going to say i love you."

45 lightning bolts.

luke looks straight ahead, crying, but not wiping the tears. "so what happens now?"

46 lightning bolts.

i don't answer at first, because i don't know the answer myself. "i don't know, luke. i honestly don't know."

47 lightning bolts.

he tries to hold my hand, but i pull it away. "i won't let it happen again if you take me back." i don't respond, and he looks at me. "i promise."

48 lightning bolts.

i sniff, "you can't promise that, luke."

49 lightning bolts.

"i'm sorry."

luke closes his eyes from crying. the streetlights are blinding, and he's not looking where he's going.

50 lightning bolts.



you're probably thinking "damn, i really like them both. i'd be pissed if they died." no need to worry, they survive.

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