algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


14. 14 - 2am + q&a

luke texted me this afternoon saying that he was going to a party tonight.

fluke : party 2nite. coming?

elody : did you just say "2nite"?

fluke : ..

elody : wth does ".." mean??

fluke : :-)

elody : dorkis.

fluke : so u coming?

elody : no thx.

fluke : aw whyy

elody : not much of a partier. not "2nite".

my phone beeped again and i'm sure it was luke with another text, but i didn't want to answer. besides, it was probably something like "ur lame". how luke hemmings of him. i'm surprised mrs. hemmings even lets him go to parties.

i spent the whole day watching anime, drinking hot chocolate, and eating tic-tacs. i swear, when i'm old, i'll be a weird elder that watches too much anime and cuddles a body pillow. i flick my light on the blue lamp i have, making the room glow a cerulean color. i opened the book i'm currently reading, fans of the impossible life, and started reading.

my reading session continued for quite a while, and i went to bed at 12:00pm. it was dreamless - i couldn't remember anything, if i had a dream. my body faced the wall as i slept to my side, and i heard a window open and close. i flinch, not knowing what to do. i don't want to look who it is. what if it's a robber? a rapist? a kidnapper? god, one of my worst fears is getting kidnapped. i sink my head into the sheets, covering all of my body.

i feel someone lay next to me, and their soft hair touch my neck. oh lord. my kidnapper is right next to me. i slowly turn around in bed and see luke, closing his eyes forcefully and trying to get to sleep. i touch noses with him and he opens his eyes.

"i'm really drunk," he slurs.

he touches my collarbone and doesn't look me in the eye.

he sniffs, beginning to cry. "i really fucked up."

i hold him tightly, trying to get him to calm down. he's drunk, that's all. that must be it. maybe he drank to much. i glance behind him and check the time - 2:00am.

i hug him and twist a piece of his hair, which was now undone and messy. "it's okay, it's okay. everything will be okay, i promise."

luke shakes his head rapidly, "no, it's not. it's not."

my lips touch his and i kiss him softly to shut him up. he tastes like alcohol and cigarettes, but i really don't mind. he eventually falls asleep, and for the night i think everything is okay.

luke is gone the next morning when i wake up.


(drunk) luke hemmo

the room is spinning, and my head hurts. i've had a lot of drinks - too many drinks, for that matter. my cigarette was unlit and i felt like i was going to throw up. there was a girl there, with red lipstick that now looked like a big gash in her lip and too-curled hair. she wasn't even that pretty.

but somehow we ended up making out.

one of the jocks at the party threw a paper ball at us, but she kept kissing me, whoever she was. i didn't know where calum or michael was, because they came with me. ashton didn't want to come. poor kid just wanted to mourn over elody.

i don't have much experience in bed, i haven't even done it. i couldn't find my ring, but i didn't bother looking. the girl took me upstairs to a room that smelled like sweat. it was horrible.

i guess we hooked up. at least that's what i remember.


elody sykes

"you aren't afraid?" dawn asked while applying blusher in my room.

i took out my earphones. "afraid of what?" i started to scroll through my texts, starting with ashton, and then luke.

she shrugged. "you know. afraid of luke doing something stupid? calum and michael told me that they left luke with his head over a toilet seat last night at the party they went to."

i bit my lip, thinking about it, and then shaking my head. "no, he'd never. besides, he's a.. nevermind. but no, he would never do anything, trust me."

i stop at luke's text that i didn't read. it said :

fluke : btw my ex, aleisha, is gonna be there.


wE HIT 5K YESS (btw 'confusing' is getting so many views so fast, thanks so much!)

((i'm so sorry, i love aleisha, but i have to make her a bitch in this story okay-))

here are a couple questions i got asked:

who makes your covers?

i make all of my covers myself. on wattpad, i once had a cover contest for 'adopted by o2l' (it's my most horrible story ever, i do not suggest reading it. but its the most popular out of all of my books on there lol) but nobody submitted anything. i started doing my own covers. maybe if i'm lazy i'll ask for a cover if i really like someone's other covers, but until then, i make my own.

how do you come up with plot lines?

they come to me randomly. usually in the shower lol.

how are do you come up with character names?

i really hate having unoriginal character names, or really common ones. nobody knows this except for my closest friends, but i used to roleplay on wattpad, and would find a lot of interesting names that people had (for example, this girl was named 'coral', which is the name in my book 'documentary'. the name 'elody' was from a book i read called 'before i fall' (it's amazing, i highly recommend it). sometimes i look up 'unique girl names' on google when i know i'll find none that i like, but that's how i come up with them.

if you have any other questions, just ask and i'll add it to this chapter.

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