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"he's the teacher's son."


13. 13 - paint

delilah (hEY THeRe delilah whats it like in new york cityy-)

michael took me to a concert today. i sat in the passenger's seat of his car while he drove. i tried to subtly rest my hand by his, but failed. he took my hand. it was warm, and he intertwined his fingers with mine. he didn't say anything, but i liked it that way.

when we got to the green day concert, mikey didn't have tickets. i saw him secretly hand a $20 bill to the person taking the tickets and we walked through.

"you snuck in?" i asked.

he nodded and he wasn't anything like i expected him to be. he was flirting with other girls, and i couldn't tell if he was actually interested in them or if he was trying to make me jealous. if he was trying to make me jealous, then it worked. it made me uncomfortable, like i regretted going there.

i could barely hear michael over billie joe armstrong's voice singing 'jesus of suburbia' mixed with the crowd's frantic screaming and yelling. "i'm gonna go the bathroom," i said. i managed to make out an 'okay' from his mouth and made my way to the bathroom. i had to leave, for some reason. instead, i called dottie.

"dottie, can you pick me up?" i said when she answered the phone.

she was confused. "what? why? did something go wrong with michael or something? he seems like a nice enough guy. tell me what happened, 'cause i'm not going over there unless you really need me to."

"he's flirting with a bunch of girls," i admitted. "winking at them and using cheesy pickup lines and everything."

"maybe he's trying to make you jealous?" dottie suggested.

by the tone of his voice, it wasn't jealousy.

i shake my head, even though dottie can't even see me through the phone. "please pick me up, i can't stand to be with him anymore. i don't want to be in a car with elody - i need you to come."

dottie waits five seconds, and then sighs. "fine. quit your whining, i'm in my car right now."

'thank god' i muttered to myself after she hung up.

"you're leaving?" i heard mikey's voice behind me.

i jump in surprise, and then turn around to see his face. "crap," i whisper. "i.."

he tilts his head, "why are you leaving?"

i don't respond. like he doesn't know. jerk. i push past him and walk out of the bathroom, getting lost in the crowd.



luke parks his car in front of a large house, i'm not sure who's it is. there aren't any houses nearby either, so i'm pretty confused. he unlocks the car and we both walk out. luke grasps my hand and intertwines his fingers with mine, walking inside and up to the top floor of the house.

the room is empty is painted an ugly white color. it doesn't compliment the room at all. the walls are lined with large, dark blue tape and buckets on the floor filled with baby blue paint.

"we're painting?" i say, taking a look around.

"yes," he nods. "we are. my grandparents hired me to paint this room. i'm not doing it alone. so of course, i called you. you have painted a room before, haven't you?"

i haven't painted a room in a long time, but i let out a little 'mhm' and sit on the ground. luke sits in front of me and takes my hands, bringing it up to his chest and to his mouth. he doesn't kiss it, just presses his mouth to it. his cold lip ring touches my hands and he smiles, mouth closed.

"we're alone," he smirks, leaning into me.

i tease him and stand up before he can kiss me, putting my hands on my hips.

"come on, hemmings," i say, helping him up. "let's get painting, yeah?"

my lips peck his cheek quickly and he bites his lip, staring at me as i grab a brush and dip it in the paint. luke stands next to me and takes one of the rollers, painting a light blue smiley face into the wall. i smile and paint a nirvana face into the wall, and by then, the walls are almost completely covered up.

hours later, luke and i are almost done. he have half of a wall left to paint, and he flicks his brush at me. spots of paint appear on my skin, and i laugh.

"stopp, paint the walls, not me."

but no, luke does not stop. more paint gets on me and it's my turn to fight back. i take one of the smaller brushes and paint a streak on his cheek. he goes after me and tries to reach for the brush, but i pull it away.

"i'll tickle you," he threatens.

"i'm not ticklish. stop trying."

he isn't bluffing. luke tickles my neck. i squeal and squirm away. he flicks paint at my legs, and eventually, we're covered in paint. luke's shirt is off, because he doesn't want to get it dirty. i said that that was cheating, but of course he ignored me.

somehow luke ended up on top of me, and we're kissing, with tongue and hands everything. it's so gentle, and sweet. he's cupping my face and teases me with the buckle of my belt. he moves his hands down and slips it under my shirt, until we hear a lady say "luke?" from the other room.

we both stand up and luke takes his shirt from the floor, putting it on quickly and we both stand up. his grandmother, i'm guessing, walks in and spots me.

"hello," she says to me nicely. "you are?"

"elody," i introduce myself to her. "nice to meet you."

she nods, and if she's trying to ignore the paint on our clothes, she's doing a good job of it. she walks out and it's just me and luke again. the walls are all painted and the room looks brighter, more cozy.

luke and i walk back to his car, hand in hand. he puts the keys in ignition and starts to drive, singing songs to me as we drive. he holds hands with me, tracing the lines on my palm.

when we arrive at my house, luke parks in the driveway. he traces the hoops in my earlobe and bites his lip, and kisses the corner of my mouth. my mom walks outside in a robe, holding a cup of coffee in her hands. she stands by the door, tilting her head and furrowing her eyebrows.

"hey, elody. who's this?" she gestures to luke.

i glance at luke and respond with, "this is-"

"lucas," he replies almost immediately. "hemmings," he says, with an arm around me.

the fact that he introduced himself as 'lucas' makes me wonder how many times he's introduced himself to a parent.

"nice to meet you," he smiles, teeth showing. "i'd like to date your daughter."

god, he's good with moms. of course he's good with moms.

mom nods and smiles back, "alright, well.. nice to meet you too, luke. you could at least tell me if you're going out, elody," she walks back inside before giving me a 'nice job' look.

i roll my eyes and luke lets me out of the car, giving my neck a quick kiss before he leaves. he kisses my lips quickly and whispers, "see you tomorrow."


luke's a momma's boy.

((3K OMFL))

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