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"he's the teacher's son."


12. 12 - car radio

i run into ashton at the bakery. i'm carrying these huge boxes stacked and filled with donuts for dawn and i. she's sleeping over at my house, i'm not sure why. i didn't ask, though. didn't want to be rude. it's not my business, anyway.

"ashton," i say when i see him. "hey."

he looks down. "hi," he says nervously. he glances at my boxes, raising an eyebrow at me. "do you need help carrying those?"

"uhm.." damn right i need help. they're heavy, it'd be hard to carry them to my car. but it'd be too awkward with him. i'll just do it myself. "no. thanks for the offer though."

"okay," he nods. there's a pause. "see you later."

ashton walks past me and i make my way to the door. the baker, harry, waves goodbye to me excitedly. maybe a bit too excitedly.

"bye elody!!" he yells at me.

i've known harry since childhood, practically grown up with him. he used to babysit me as a kid. i was ten, he was thirteen. we're practically best friends now, except that i never get to see him. he always works ever since he got the job at the bakery.

i wave goodbye to him back and run into calum outside. why am i always running into people? this was not my plan.

grinning softly at calum, i struggle a bit to balance the boxes. "hey, cal."

"hi, el," he says, looking up from his phone. he's the only one who calls me el. i don't really mind. "do you need help with those boxes?"

calum is probably the strongest person i've ever met, what with those huge biceps and all. but i say a quick "no."

five seconds go by, and i ask him to fill the silence. "so how are things with you and dawn? is dalum real?"

"uhm.. fine." he glances down, and i can tell that he hesitates. "it's not real. bye."

i walk to my car and place the boxes in the passenger's seat, starting the car and driving back to my house.


the sleepover with dawn is boring. all we did all day is watch youtube, eat pizza, and have a pretty little liars marathon. we stopped on season two, though, so there's that. she's painting her toenails, something i'd never do, while i switch through the radio stations, just trying to find a good song. it eventually lands on 'no shows' by gerard way and i leave it at that.

"careful not to get nail polish on my bed," i warn her. "my mom almost killed me when she found out that you spilled it on my carpet two months ago."

she ignores me, "mhm." the bottle almost falls over, but i save it.

i wait a few minutes before i ask her. "so calum.. you and calum. what happened? what's going on with you two?"

she almost laughs. "you sound like my mom. and nothing. why'd you even ask that?"

i shrug, "you guys were kissing at homecoming. i just assumed-"

her eyes widen, "we were kissing?"

maybe she spiked the punch. maybe she was too drunk and just can't remember. it happens. but i just nod.

"god.." she sighs. "i have a boyfriend."

"you have a boyfriend?"

she once again ignores me and searches through her purse. "i have to call him." dawn throws almost everything out. what does she have in there? all i have in mine are tic-tacs, a book, and my phone. and then she pulls out a metal flask. and now i understand why.


luke calls me and says that he wants to take my somewhere. i just didn't expect him to come so early. he climbs through my window once again. i feel his body against mine, and i realize that he's laying on the bed with me.

he brushes his nose against mine and whispers, "hi."

i try to smile back and groan slightly, turning on my other side. he spoons me and holds me tightly. we stay like that for a while until i check the time - 6:27am. he shakes me lightly.

"c'mon. i wanna take you somewhere."

his body leaves and he pulls me up. i stand and i feel my cheeks go warm. i lick my lips and tell him nervously.

"i uhm.." i glance at my closet, and then back at him. "i have to change my clothes."

he nods and i tell him, "no looking."

he smiles and covers his eyes with his hand. i undress nervously and slip on my underwear and some shorts. i look back at luke and see him peeking through one eye. my hand closes against his.

"no, luke, no looking!" i laugh, and he laughs, and it makes me happy.

i turn away from him, so he can only see my bare back. i put on a black blink-182 hoodie and turn around, fully dressed. "pervert," i mutter to him. he goes in for a sudden quick peck on the lips, and i pull away.

"stop, you have morning breath." i stick my tongue out at him. he touches his tongue on mine and i take a step back. "eww, cooties. gross."

he smiles widely and takes my hand, leading me out the window and to his car. i sit in the passenger seat and he takes a seat on the driver's side. i notice that his radio doesn't work.

i tilt my head, "why doesn't your radio work?"

"somebody stole my car radio. now i just sit in silence."

i nod, "oh."

he grins and lightly hits my shoulder. "i'll be your radio for you."

he starts to sing 'shut up' by blink-182.

"shut the fuck up, she said. i'm going fucking deaf, you're always too loud," he sang and i punch his shoulder.

"stop," i laugh. "not that song. sing a different one."

luke lets out a short laugh and starts to sing softly. he and i both already know the song, 'rituals' by pill friends.

"hope you're doing well in your own hell," he sang. "sitting across from you and coming down again."

i smile at him while he sings.

he continues, "i hear you say goodbye as you walk into the woods."

when he finishes the song, i say, "that was beautiful."

luke shakes his head, "you're lying. it's your turn to sing a song now."

"what? no. i'm horrible. didn't you hear me that day in music class? i was so awkward," i refuse.

"yes, i heard you," he states. "that's proof that i know you're a good singer."

i roll my eyes, "i'm not."

"you are."

"i'm not."

"you are."

"shut up!" i laugh.

he starts to hum the tune of 'shut up' again.

"stahpp," i tell him.

luke makes a right turn. "not until you sing."

i frown at him, and sigh. "fine." i start to hum a song and luke points a finger at me.

"i said sing, not hum."

after a few seconds, i cross my arms and nervously sing the first verse of 'kids in love' by mayday parade.

"i look back to the one and only summertime, when my girl was the envy of every friend of mine."

i anxiously continue the song and when i end it, luke smiles.

"that was beautiful," he mocks he from earlier.

i kiss his lips quickly, "you're lying."


did i just make harry a baker-

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