algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


11. 11 - drunk

luke is waiting at the bus stop the next morning. i consider taking another route, but remind myself that i have to face him sometime. even if i don't want to. besides. i may just get it over with now, right?

he spots me, and i walk up to him. luke stands up immediately and kisses me kind of desperately, and hugs my waist tightly. i kiss back, before i can notice the tears streaming down my face.

i sniff, "i'm sorry. i'm sorry i refused. i'm sorry i messed everything up, i didn't mean to-"

he cuts me off with a kiss. "shut up."


calum (surprise bitch)

i like dawn. i like dawn. i've liked her since middle school.

maybe even love.

she kissed me at the dance, which of course i kissed back. but it felt wrong, for some reason. like she didn't mean it. maybe she was too drunk. too high.

i hope she still likes me two days later.

i see dawn packing her books from her locker, people passing her as they walk by. i don't understand how people can just pass her without saying something. i decide to walk over to her, and set things straight.

"hey," i say.

she smiles that beautiful smile of hers, making me fall in love all over again. "hey."

"soo.." i bit my lip nervously. "the dance was fun, wasn't it?"

she nods. "yeah. can you believe what luke did to elody? that was so sweet. i feel bad for michael though."

and she keeps rambling on about nonsense i don't care about. i only care about her. i try to resist kissing her, but fail.

i go straight for it, putting her lips on mine like i wanted them there. i hope she wanted them there. i wanted to stay like that. just me and her.

she pulls away suddenly. "what the hell are you doing, hood?"


dawn walks away. so she was too drunk after all.


omg sorry for the crappy chapter, i'm trying to update a few books.

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