algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


10. 10 - the breakfast club

delilah was so sleepy and out of it this morning, when i told her it was sunday, she thought i meant 'sundae'. hah. i wish. mom is out of town for the weekend with her new boyfriend, who i still have yet to meet, so it's just me and her today.

i continue to messily gobble down my sunny-side up eggs on the couch while delilah types away on her laptop, earphones in her ears. i can hear the music blasting from it. white noise by pvris, i think. she has way better music taste than me when i was a freshman. i'm watching the breakfast club, my favorite movie. i'm at the part where they're talking about their parents, and are all concerned. i've seen the movie about a million times, and i don't ever get bored of it. delly says i have a problem with the movie, but i really don't care.

once i notice delilah isn't murdering her keyboard anymore, i turn to face her.

"porno crash your laptop?" i snicker, trying to make this morning less boring.

she scoffs, shaking her head. "nah. dming michael on twitter. did you know that he dyed his hair reverse skunk once?"

"of course i do. those were the days. we all thought we was gonna go bald," i chuckle.

"you should've brought him here, i could've asked what dye he uses."

i take another huge bite of my eggs before placing it on the table, "well why don't you call him then? you guys were practically flirting at homecoming yesterday."

dawn's eyes light up, "we were?"

i don't respond, and dawn glances at her laptop. i can tell she's debating whether to call michael or not.

"no, i can't." she shrugs, "besides, it's easier to just text him.. i'd be too awkward on the phone."

i roll my eyes. "wimp," i tease her and phone michael.

"hey, michael," i say when he picks up.

he sounds groggy, as if he just woke up. "yo, what's up?"

i can't believe my sister likes someone who says 'yo'.

"dawn wants to talk to you."

michael's voice gets a bit louder, "really?"

"r-" he cuts me off.

"put her on the phone," he demands.

i hand delilah the phone and she gives me a 'what-the-hell' look. i push it at her and she eventually takes it. she looks nervous and hesitates at first, but she responds with a squeaky 'hi' and goes into the kitchen, where i can't hear her.

a few minutes later, she comes back in. she hands me back my phone, and i hope she didn't change anything.

"i'm going to go hang out with michael," delilah informs me, putting on her jacket and she's immediately out the door.

so it's just me now.

i walk up to my room and switch on the mini tv (really really mini, only a bit bigger than an ipad), resuming the breakfast club.

30 minutes before the movie just about ended, i hear my window open. i flinch. it's luke. compared to me, he looks great. he's wearing a sleeping with sirens tee shirt and black jeans. his hair is undone, but he looks better than me. i'm wearing a grey tank top and black pajama shorts. and that's when i realize i'm not even wearing a bra. crap. i cross my arms in front of my chest, covering myself.

"is this how we're meeting now? you climbing through my window?" i chuckle.

he smiles cheekily, "i guess we are."

i roll my eyes, "shut up."

"*acting correctly."

"my mom could've been home, luke. this is so not gaining you any boyfriend points," i say sarcastically.

he raises an eyebrow at me, smirking slightly. "boyfriend? so i'm your boyfriend now?"

i shake my head, "don't push your luck."

luke takes a step closer to me, and we're so close that i almost kiss him. he puts his forehead against mine, places his hands on my waist and whispers. "am i earning any boyfriend points now?"

i don't respond, probably because i'll say something stupid to ruin everything, and kiss him softly. i cup my hands around his face and smile into the kiss. i wish i could stay like this forever.

after what feels like hours, luke sneaks his hand underneath my shirt and slowly starts to take it off. no, i can't do this. i don't know why i can't. i move his hand away before he takes it off and break apart.

"i'm.." i bite my lip and look down. "i'm sorry. it's not that i want to, i just... i'm a- i mean, it's our first time and i kind of want it to be special." i barely get a word out, not even a whisper. i don't even know what to say.

i add in, "besides, aren't you..?"

he shakes his head, "i don't care."

i nod and break my hands away from his. "i'm sorry."

he bites his upper lip and nods, "it's fine, i'm not mad." but he says it with a scowl. i can tell he's mad. god, luke, i'm sorry. what more do you want me to say?

"i should.." he stutters and climbs out the window.

he's gone before i can even get my thoughts straight.


liz would not approve.

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