algebra ; hemmo

"he's the teacher's son."


1. 1 - virgin

i've never been a particularly good student at algebra, but i'm not the worst either. i pay attention and everything, but it bores the hell out of me (same with mrs. hemmings). let's just say me and algebra aren't the best of friends.

i whisper over to my friend, dawn, who's playing temple run on her phone under the desk. she doesn't notice me at first, so i tap her shoulder.

"this is so boring," i say.

"i know right? f+u=" she whispers back, getting cut off by our teacher.

"what was that, ms. sykes?" mrs. hemmings gives me a look.

i lean back, "nothing, nothing. go on about that square root b2-4ac=2a crap, because i'm positive i'll use that in the future."

fits of giggles and laughs come from the rest of the class.

she puts her hands on her waist like she does everyday when she's about to send me to the guidance counselor's office and actually expects me to go there. but instead, to my surprise, she ignores it. instead, mrs. hemmings gives a nod to the direction of the door, and a blond boy with high-quiffed hair comes in wearing flannel and black jeans.

"class," mrs. hemmings starts. "this is my son-"

he interrupts her, "i can introduce myself, mum." quiff boy turns to the class. "i'm luke hemmings."

i don't even have to look around to see those perky little popular girls flirting with luke and biting their glossed lips, as if they could hook up with him. he's the teacher's son. smells like teen sluts. they're practically the covergirls for "hookers daily". i roll my eyes at them and see luke noticing them winking at him. he looks hella uncomfortable and takes a seat next to me. being mrs. hemmings most hated student, i poke a little fun into him.

i lean closer to him and whisper, "you know they're undressing you with their eyes."

luke chuckles and shakes his head, whispering back, "liz would not approve. that and.." he holds up his hand, revealing a gold ring on his pinkie finger.

"you're a..?"

he nods and gets interrupted by his mom.

"luke, honey, no talking to elody."

i smile and receive a note from luke before sitting straight in my seat. while mrs. hemmings goes on about variables, constantly scraping the board with chalk, i look at the note. it's his number. i glance at him and he winks. the bell finally rang, and i knew i got luke hemmings just when he stopped me in the halls.


*looks at the cover* grunge vibes are so strong rn.

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