Don't Forget

This is about 17 year old Eternity Rain Armer. She's recovering from a bad accident with help from Dr. Pethers, Nurse Dawn, and her small family. She slowly starts to remember things. One day she remembers what happened. Once she gets out of the hospital she goes on a search for the person she lost.


4. Waking Up

Waking Up-

I open my eyes and everything is back to normal. I sit up and sit there for a long time staring at the wall, thinking about the dream I just had. Was it a memory? I don’t know.

I look over at my nightstand. On it is a vase of daffodils, my favorite, and a yellow smiley face tied around it. Taped onto the vase is a folded piece of line paper. I reach over and take off the note.

It says,


Hey Sis,

    I hope you’re getting better. I heard that you remembered something. I’m really happy about that. I heard that aren’t allowed to get out of the hospital until you remember what happened. They don’t want you to remember and freak out at home. Mom and Dad are being too protective over you right now but I understand. I’m going to come see you tomorrow. I love you, Eternity. Hope you get well soon.



       I stare at the note for a while before setting it back down on the nightstand.  I lie back down and think about my dream.

       If David is still out there, why didn’t the hospital tell everyone that he left? Why did they say he was dead? Did Dr. Pethers help him? What happened? I don’t understand. When he came to see me that last time his left arm was in a cast and he looked really bruised up. How could he have got out looking like that?

       I hear the door open and Dr. Pethers walks in with a piece of paper. He looks at me and smiles.

       “I got permission to show you David’s information.” He walks over to me.

       I smile, “Thank you.”

       He hands me the papers, “Well is there anything you want to ask or tell me?”

       I ponder for a moment, “No.” I lie

       “If you need anything let me or one of the nurses know. Alright?” He says.

       “Alright.” I respond.

       Dr. Pethers turns and goes to leave but stops, “Did you remember anything?”

       “I don’t think so.” I lie once again.

       “Okay.” Then he leaves.

       I think I should have told him but the last time I told him something he looked scared. I think he knows something. I think the next time I see him I’ll talk to him about my dream. I bet David told him what happened.

       Nurse Dawn comes in, an hour later when I look at the clock, with a tray of food and a cup of meds.

       “Ugh. Meds.” I groan.

       “Oh don’t whine. Some patients have to take more than three times a day.” She laughs. Then she sets the tray down on my nightstand, scooting over the stuff on there.

       “I know but I hate it.” I reply.

       “I know. It sucks.” She answers.

       I laugh, “Definitely.”

       “Well you got to take them.”

       “If I have too” I mumble. I toss the meds in my mouth and swallow them with a big gulp of water. Then I show her my mouth.

       “Thank you,” Nurse Dawn says, “I’ve got to go deal with the rest of my patients.”

       “Have fun.” I smile.

       “Oh, I will.” She says sarcastically as she walks out the door.

       I eat the food. This times it’s a fruit salad. I show it in my mouth. For some reason I’m super hungry.

       I finish and set my tray aside. I’m full and tired. I

       I sigh. I’m getting a headache. I lay back and close my eyes. I lay there for a long time but I can’t get to sleep. It’s only 6:23 PM. I sigh.  I guess I have been sleeping too much, huh?

       After another hour of lying there and staring at the ceiling, I finally get sleepy. I close my eyes and pass 













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