Don't Forget

This is about 17 year old Eternity Rain Armer. She's recovering from a bad accident with help from Dr. Pethers, Nurse Dawn, and her small family. She slowly starts to remember things. One day she remembers what happened. Once she gets out of the hospital she goes on a search for the person she lost.


6. Day 3: Mom and Taylor

I wake up in the morning with a terrible headache. I moan instantly. I then roll over and yank the covers over my head shutting out the light.

       I hear the door open.

“Eternity?” I hear someone ask.

“Go away.” I moan.

“It’s me. Your mother.” My mom says.

I pull the covers back, “I got a headache. A really bad one.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie.” She sits on the side of the bed.

“Mmmmmmm.” I close my eyes trying to shut out the light.

“I heard about this morning. Dr. Pethers called me. I came to check on you.” She tells me.

“Thanks. Why didn’t you come and see me yesterday?” I ask.

 My mom just stares at me for a moment, “I-I don’t have an excuse.” She bluntly tells me.

“Oh,” Is all I say, as I open my eyes. Then I add, “Thanks for being honest.”

She sighs, “I wish I had came and seen you. I just hadn’t gotten around to it, like I planned. Then by the time I-”

I cut her off, “Mom. Please. Don’t make an excuse. I get it and it’s fine. Really it is.”

Mom looks defeated, “Alright.” She finally answers.

“Thank you.” I reply.

“You’re welcome, honey.” She smiles, awkwardly.

“How’s Maddie?” I change the subject.

“Phew. That child is a mess,” Then she laughs, “She is such a sweetheart though. Last night about 11:30 I found her in the kitchen eating a tub of butter. She was just scooping it out with her fingers, eating it plain.”

I laugh, “Wow, she does sound like a mess,” Then I add sadly, “I wish I could remember though.”

My headache has dulled. Thank goodness it’s starting to go away.

“Well, Dr. Pethers told me that you remembered something yesterday when he called to update me on you.” My mom reassures me.

“Yeah. That’s true,” Then I ask, “Who was Livvy?”

“Livvy?” She asks.

I nod my head.

“She was a girl that Taylor had a huge crush on in the 8th grade to his sophomore year.” She answers. 

“I wonder how that went.” I smile.

“Oh my. He asked her out so many times and humiliated himself so many times. He wouldn’t give up though. One day he came home and said she said yes. They were together for a year before they both agreed it was time to move on.” She tells me.

“Yeah. That’s interesting. Taylor sent me a note saying he was coming today.” I gestured to the note on my nightstand.

Mom picked it up and read it, “Hm. I wonder what time. I would rather not be here while you two visited. He has only seen you once since last Christmas and that was yesterday. Also, I think he would like to spend some time alone with you.”

I look at her for a moment, “When was last Christmas and what is it?”

She answers, “It’s a celebration of the birth of someone in some religion. Everyone gets together, eats food, hangs out, does some fun things, and trades presents back and forth. It’s in the last month of the year, December.”

“Oh, well how long ago was last Christmas?” I ask.

“It was about 11 months ago. So almost a year.” Mom replies.

I go to answer but there’s a knock on the door interrupting me. We both swing our heads in unison towards the door.

“Come in.” Mom says.

The door opens and Taylor walks in carrying in a paper bag and a paper cup. I smile. I’m glad to see him even though I barely remember him.

“Oh. Hi, Taylor.” Mom says.

“Hey, Mom,” He looks at me and smiles, “Hey there broken girl.”

I just stare at him, my smile fading away.

His face changes when he registers that he hurt me,  “Eternity, I was kidding. I promise.”

“Oh,” I say a bit slowly, “It’s okay. Don’t worry. I bet it’s a habit.”

Taylor smiles accepting that as forgiveness, “I brought you some food and coffee.”

“Ooooh. What is it?” I ask.

“It’s a biscuit, egg, and bacon sandwich, a hash brown, and a cup of coffee with creamer and sugar.” He tells me.

“That’s sounds amaaaaaaazing.” I sing.

“I bet since it’s your favorite breakfast from Ray’s Diner.” Taylor replies.

“Well we will see since I don’t remember. That means I’ll have to try their other breakfast combinations.” I push, trying to have Mom or Taylor agree to bring me breakfast everyday.

“I was going to eat with you, but… I couldn’t wait.” He laughs.

“Hey, um, I’m going to go.” Mom says getting up to leave.

“Okay.” I say. I want her to stay but I remembered what she said earlier.

“Ah. Why don’t you stay?” Taylor asks.

“I’ve got some errands to run. I also need to get back to the house to take care of Maddie.” She says but I know she’s lying.

“Her and Dad were just fine when I left.” Taylor practically begs.

“Taylor. I have to go. I would love to stay but I gotta go.” Mom says firmly holding her ground.

“Fine.” Taylor moans and rolls his eyes.

Mom says her goodbyes and walks out of the room. Taylor takes a seat in the chair beside my bed.

I get the urge to stand up but I can’t because of my cast on my leg.

“Ugh. This stupid cast.” I groan. Then I remember my food and pull out my biscuit sandwich.

“It sucks doesn’t it?” Taylor laughs, “That’s why you shouldn’t be sneaking out at night. Learned your lesson huh?”

It’s like a slap to my face when he says it. My jaw drops.

“I’m sorry. I was kidding. I should’ve thought…” He trails off.

“Yeah. You should’ve. You know what David meant to me.” I spit out hatefully before I even processed it.

He looks at me long and hard. I just sit there not knowing what to say, scared.

“You know what happened,” Taylor finally says, “You either lied about not remembering or you remembered and didn’t tell anyone. Now which is it?”

“I remembered.” I admit.

Taylor doesn’t seem mad though. He seems to understand.

“Yeah. Will you tell me what really happened? Not Shelbey’s story but the true story,” It seems like Taylor knows me like the back of his hand, “I know you wouldn’t go get drunk or pull over on the side of the road just to make out. You wouldn’t let anyone else do it either.”

“I-” I go to make an excuse but Taylor cuts me off.

“The truth Eternity Rain.” He says firmly.

I sigh, “Fine.” And I tell him all of it except one thing. That David really didn’t die. That he’s hiding out somewhere.

“Now how did Shelbey get that story out of that?” Taylor laughs.

“I have no idea.” I honestly tell him.

“It was a rhetorical question, Eternity.” He smiles.

“Oh.” I blush.

“Hey, it’s alright. You didn’t know.” He tells me.

I laugh, nervously but happily.

Taylor looks at the clock, “Oh crap!” He stands up real quickly, “I got to go! I was gotta go meet Livvy!”

I smile, “Oh. Mom told me all about that.”

“Shutup,” Taylor laughs, “I gotta go. Love ya and I’ll see you tomorrow in the morning. I’ll bring you my favorite from Ray’s.” He promises. Then he’s gone.

I sigh and reach over and finish my breakfast all alone. Once I’m done I lay back in my bed.



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