Don't Forget

This is about 17 year old Eternity Rain Armer. She's recovering from a bad accident with help from Dr. Pethers, Nurse Dawn, and her small family. She slowly starts to remember things. One day she remembers what happened. Once she gets out of the hospital she goes on a search for the person she lost.


2. Day 2

A nurse walks in with my breakfast tray, a cup of water and my medicine. I realize that I wasn’t brought anything to eat yesterday. My stomach rumbles at the thought of food.

       I toss my meds in my mouth and gulp down my water. The nurse asks me to open my mouth. I look at her funny, “Why?”

       “I need to check your mouth to make sure that you took your meds.” She says irritated.

       I don’t want to irritate her anymore so I don’t ask any more questions and do as she says.

       I sit there and stuff myself with hospital food. It’s pancakes, eggs, and bacon. It tastes like the real stuff too. I remember my mom cooking- WAIT! I remember something!

       I look around wanting to tell someone but nobody is around. I feel so excited.

The memory was when I was younger because Taylor looks about 14 in my memory. We were all sitting at the table before school while my mom was cooking breakfast. The smell of bacon was in the air.

“Hey, Eternity, look it’s Daaaaaveeeeeeeeyyyyy. He’s walking up to the house. It looks like he has a present in his hand.” Taylor teased me.

I glared at him, “That’s not funny. Reagan is not my boyfriend, he’s my best guy friend.”

“Mmmmmhmmmm.” Taylor smiled.

“Taylor leave your sister alone.” My mom gets onto him but she’s smiling. She’s got a slight baby bump from being pregnant with Maddie.

“Taylor! Look!” I point to the window, “Livvy’s here!” He flips his head around with a goofy smile then turns around glaring at me.

Mom and I crack up laughing. Then the memory is over.


I smile. I’m glad I remembered something. I’ll tell the next person that comes to see me. Then maybe it will get around.

I wait and wait. I slept so much the day before that I’m not the least bit tired. Time drags on. Nobody comes for almost 4 hours.

I instantly look up when Dr. Pethers comes in. I couldn’t wait one more second.

“I remembered something.” I spewed.

He stops dead in his tracks, “You did?”

“Yes.” I said excitedly.

“What was it?” He asks, with a pale face.

I tell him. When I’m done he looks relieved. We sit and chat for a moment about what I thought of the memory.

Then I say, “I overheard you yesterday with that man.” I began.

Dr. Pethers just stares at me for a moment, “You did.” His voice is shaky.

“Yes and I asked my best friend about it. I know why you wouldn’t tell me either.” I boasted.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you because your parent’s didn’t want that. I’m glad you didn’t though. Did you have any reaction?” He confessed.

“Yeah, I cried for about 5 or 10 minutes.” I answered.

“Why is that?” He asked.

“The story was sad. I know it was my own but it’s sad,” I said, “I don’t even remember my own boyfriend.” The last part was a whisper.

“I can bring in a sheet with some information on him. I would have to ask his parents first.” Dr. Pethers offers.

My face lights up, “Please, I would love that.”

“It may take a little while.” He warns.

“I’m completely fine with that.” I assure him.

“Okay. Well I’m going to go work that out.” He stands up and starts to walk away.

“Dr. Pethers!” I blurt without thinking about it.

He stops and turns around, “Yes, Eternity?”

“Thank you. It means a lot to me.” I say.

“You’re welcome.” He turns and walks out of the room.

       I ask the nurse for a piece of paper and a pencil the next time she comes in. She gives me a funny look but says okay and walks out.

       When she comes back in I ask what her name is since she’s in a better mood than she was this morning. Her name is Nurse Dawn.

       Once Nurse Dawn leaves I stare at my paper not knowing why I wanted it or what to do. I sit there for about ten minutes before I think of something. I let my hand go free and watch as the picture from my mind goes to the paper.

I stare at the paper when I’m done, not knowing what to think. I wasn’t expecting this. I didn’t know I was capable of doing this. It looks absolutely amazing.

It’s a rose blooming in a morning setting because on the leaves and petals there are dewdrops. It has all the right shades, curves, and lines. I wonder why Taylor didn’t tell me I could do this when we were talking about how I could play the instruments and sing. Maybe it was a secret I kept from everyone.

I set the picture on my bedside table, with my pencil, by a book. I wonder what the book is so I pick it up.

Across the front in the middle it says Holy Bible. I flip to the next page and it says it again on the first page. I flip a couple more pages and it shows the chapters, which they call books. I’m getting more curious so I keep flipping the pages. I come upon the first chapter, or book. It’s Genesis. The first words are, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

This catches my attention even more. So I keep reading. Before I even realize it I’m almost finished with Genesis and it’s lunchtime.

When Nurse Dawn brings in my tray she greets me with a smile.

“Well, aren’t you lucky! No meds this time around.”

“Thank Goodness.” I smile back.

“Ah. I see you’re reading the Bible.” She observes looking at the Bible as she sets my tray down.

“Yeah. I seen it sitting on the table there and thought ‘Why not read it?’ and I’m glad I did. It’s really interesting and I like it.” I state

 “I would suggest it. But that’s because it’s part of my religion. Christianity, by the way.” Nurse Dawn explains.

“I wonder what my religion is.” I ponder.

“I wonder too. Well sweetie I’ve got to go.” She insists.

“Alright. Thank you. I’ll see you later.” I reply as she walks out of the room.

I’m surprised that I’ve had the day to myself and nobody has came to see me other than Nurse Dawn and Dr. Pethers.

I’m bored out of my mind, so once I'm done eating my burger, French fries, and strawberries, I burry myself under my covers and pass out.











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