Don't Forget

This is about 17 year old Eternity Rain Armer. She's recovering from a bad accident with help from Dr. Pethers, Nurse Dawn, and her small family. She slowly starts to remember things. One day she remembers what happened. Once she gets out of the hospital she goes on a search for the person she lost.


5. 5:00 AM of Day 3

Day 3-


       I wake up to Dr. Pethers.

       “Eternity.” He says.

       “Uuuuuuuuggggggh.” I moan.

       “Come on wake up,” He tells me, “We got to take your blood.”

       “No.” I pull the covers up over me.

       Dr. Pethers pulls the covers back. I look out the window.

       “It’s not even morning!” I exclaim.

       “I know. We have to take you blood at 5 in the morning when there isn’t anything in your digestive system. Once we do this you can go back to sleep.” He tells me.

        I groan, “Okaaaaaaaaa-ya.”

       “Alright, sweetie. Just lay your arm down and relax.” The nurse instructs.

       I do as she says. She gets the needle ready and sticks it in my arm.

        I watch my blood go through the needle and into the tube. A few moments later I start to feel woozy.

       I look at Dr. Pethers. There is four of him. I giggle.

       “Are-are-are you okay-ay-ay?” The Dr. Pethers asks.

       “I don’t think so-so-so.” I reply, my own voice echoing. I feel like I’m going to pass out.

       “Pull the-the-the needle-le-le out. Pull it out now-ow-ow.” He instructs the nurse.

       I look at the nurse. There’s two of her. Then everything goes black.

       “Eternity. Eternity.” I hear a faraway voice call.

       “Wake up. Come on.” The voice says.

        I open my eyes. Everything looks faraway and fuzzy. Then it comes into focus.

       I dry heave instantly. The nurse throws a trashcan in my face as I heave. I heave a couple more times but nothing comes up.

       Dr. Pethers hands me a juice. I never noticed him leave the room.

       I suck the juice down. I set it in the trashcan and lay down. I feel terrible.


       I close my eyes while the nurse and Dr. Pethers try to talk to me but I ignore them. I close my eyes and soon I’m asleep.


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