AKuma the devil


1. Akuma

In a world the strongest is THE GOD, where there is no justice there were five countries each one has a specific power: fire, water, earth, wind and lightning. But there was another one only the king and the god knew about it. It was the country of <<Darkness>> and they refer to them as the <<clan of Darkness>>.

Each king rules a country and THE GOD was at the top of them. The ways to earn this title is to fight the king and the god and defeat both of them.

Some of the king heard the rumor of a baby who will be born from the clan of darkness with the same power as THE GOD and he will rule people with justice. Because of that the god decided to wipe out the entire country.

Some of people heard the rumor and tried to defeat the knowing that the kid will be born from another country, so many men died trying.

After that the king of fire took the initiative to destroy the country of darkness, for what it seems the operation was a success after scouting the site, somehow a small child survived.

The next day a small group of travelers was passing by rivers. They found small child with a black flame and purple color, an old man recognized that flame and told his son to give him a mask and some clothes for that child.

He somehow suppresses those flames and he told his people that this child is what they have waited for so long.

The old man decided to adopt the little boy, after that they went back to the man’s village which was far from the five countries.

Years have passed, the old man died and before he did so he gave the child a name it was <<Akuma>>. He told his son to train him until he becomes fully mature because he will be the last hope and not to tell him that his people died a long time ago.

Ten years passed and Akuma became an adult fully matured (18 years old) he started asking why he cannot remove the mask. He headed to the new village chief: the son of the old man.

The head of the village<<Yukio>>: “oh hello there Akuma what brought you here today?? It’s not time for your training”

Akuma: “I know master, I wanted to ask you about my mask, Why I cannot remove it??”

Yukio: “to be straight with you I don’t know why, it’s just the well of the old man. I think you can found the answers far away from here, still you need to travel a long distance”

Akuma believed in him

Akuma: “I understand, I will go for a journey as long I got some answers that will be fine”

Akuma: “oh, one more thing can you do me a favor, don’t tell you stupid daughter anything”

Yukio laugh: “don’t worry I will make sure nobody know, but if they know somehow there is nothing I can do” and he said: “head to the country of fire it’s a great way to start with it”

Akuma: “okay, thanks master”

The next day, he headed to the country of fire, in his way, he found a boy in the middle of the desert. Akuma asked him about his name.

The kid’s answers: “my name is March.”

Akuma: “what are you doing in the middle of the desert??”

March:” I was lost from my convoy in a sand storm”

Akuma: “I can take you back to your place. Tell me where do you live??”

March: “are serious?!? Thanks mister your are so nice, I live in a village close to the country of fire”

Akuma: “you’re welcome”

Akuma and March continued the way to the village, but some thieves came up from the sand, Akuma pushed March to his back.

One of thieves: “give us what you have and we may let you live”

Akuma: “ohh, don’t be sure of yourself, you fools. I don’t have anything to give to you”

March: “Maybe, we should give them what they want don’t you think so??”

Akuma: “just shut up and stay behind me”

March: “sorry !”

Akuma: just leave it to me, don’t worry I will be fine”

The thieves: “attack!!”

The thieves tried to attack Akuma but they couldn’t even touch him and he knocked them out in a single blow, March was so surprised of his strength.

The night fell down, in their way they have found a cave to pass the night in.

March: “heu.. May I ask you about your name sir??”

Akuma: “oh sorry my name is Akuma”

March: “and why do you wear that mask??” (Trying to get close to Akuma)

Akuma: “you are too close!! Make some place damn it…”

(Akuma getting pissed off) he continued: “tsh... I don’t know I’m looking for the answers”

March: “ooohh… maybe the chief of the village can help you”

Akuma: “for now get some rest”

The next day they arrived to the village without any problem, and went straight to the house of the village chief.

March: “Benzai are you there?? I brought a traveler with me he is looking for answers”

Benzai: “yes, yes what a pain … oh it’s you kids, welcome back, wait a minute what did you call me kids??(Angry and screaming) It’s the chief banzai! Have some respect”

March: “sorry chief” “he like his position so much” (mumbling)

Benzai: “what did you say??”

March: “Nothing chief” (panicking)

Benzai: “ok, whatever. Lets us see what we got here”

Benzai start staring at Akuma and he told him: “come I can help you, and you march stay here” (Akuma following the chief) “to think you are the last of your clan what a surprise, I should tell you that the old man told Yukio not to tell you anything but I will tell you just this << you mustn't remove your mask >>

Akuma: “tell me why… tell me why I don’t have to remove my mask??!”

Benzai: “I have one condition, you have to prove yourself”

Akuma: “how can I prove myself??”

Benzai: “Defeat the king of fire”

Akuma: “easy, if I can have the complete truth”

Benzai: “for the time being go after him tomorrow”

The net day Akuma prepared to go the country of fire. The head of the village recommended March to go with him so he can help him if he get injured.

After an amount of time they arrived to their destination. The army of the country got suspicion of them right away were not so many outsiders who come, and Akuma ignored them. The city was almost dead.  There were only a few people living there but a lot of building it deserted, but you can find what you want easily but it costs a lot of money, they went to a hotel to wait for the night to come but before that Akuma told March to go get some information and buy some food, because if someone with a mask starts to hang around people will get suspicious toward him.

It went good for March since he got the information that Akuma needed without any trouble since everybody hated the king.

At night, Akuma and March went straight to the castle of the king; they stopped in front of it.

March: “what are we going to do now?? This door is so huge!!”(March is impressed) “We can’t destroy the door because we don’t have the same power as the kings” (Akuma just listening) “are we going to enter from the front door without any plan??” March was so terrified to be spotted by the guard of the castle.

Akuma answered him with a large smile:”yes, we are” the he destroyed that big door only with his fist. The found themselves in the hall. Akuma knocked the guards so he don't trouble them in their way to the room of the king, even with that they were spotted by the guards surrounded Akuma and march, but it was not enough to beat one man or even push him down.

He shouted out: “is this all you got stupid guards, not even a single one who is strong enough to hold me??!!”

The guard showed a reaction of fear or at least shock because they have never seen or know somebody having the same level of power as there king, at the same moment Akuma released a demonic aura but he didn’t feel anything.

Akuma: “that’s enough!!” with a scream.

All the soldier were knocked out just by his huge aura which made the king of fire woke up, but he continued to pretend he was asleep since he has a huge confidence that no one can match his might power. Even if we think that was just a glimpse of Akuma’s power, he cannot be sure he will compete with him in term of strength. Only the successor of the previous kings by blood can have that enormous power or be more powerful.

Akuma told March to stay outside the castle since he cannot guarantee his safety.

Akuma continued walking in the hall, after he noticed something wrong; there were no more guards, and he faced a room, suddenly the door started burning and a huge ball of fire comes out but Akuma dodged it, “RED FIRE!!” Akuma says.

???: Ah so you can dodge that! You are the six one who can dodge it without any problem (he was surprise after testing him and never thought that there is someone who is stronger than him)

Akuma: “so there you are Miharu”         

Miharu: “that’s rude, I’m the king of fire you know” and continued walking toward Akuma “anyways how did you get here??”

Akuma: “it's not your problem”

Miharu: “your goal??”

Akuma: “to kill you”( with a serious look) “I was only told to defeat you to know something and I have a feeling that  you have to be dead”

Miharu: (laughing) don’t make laugh! Nobody can defeat me only the other king can do that”

Akuma: “will see about that” and without realizing Akuma started leaking his life energy, (which we will refer to it as KI) black KI. Miharu was terrified after had seen that and he knew for sure that this man was coming for revenge for his clan, yet he realized that he was still not powerful enough to defeat the god. After so many hesitation he stroke first but Akuma deflected all of his attacks. Miharu was attacking like crazy but he couldn't land a single hit on Akuma.

He was growing stronger and stronger with every second that pass, his KI was growing making some pressure on Miharu making the fight harder on him. Akuma was still breathing heavily, and from his shining he seems to enjoy the fight.

Miharu released his KI so he could turn the odds to his favor; the hall was completely destroyed because of Akuma KI pressure. It seems that Akuma was growing stronger after every punch, and his mask cracking bit by bit. The fight was ended by Miharu throwing a fire ball Akuma dodge it but the mask completely broke off.

Miharu with a scream while he was trembling of fear seeing the face of Akuma: “IT CAN’T BE! WHO ARE YOU??!! YOU MUST BEKIDDING ME? YOU ARE FROM THAT CLAN I WIPED OUT A LONG TIME AGO!!”        

Akuma answered him after a moment of silent: “yes I’m, thanks to you I got to know the whole truth, and I’m here to take revenge, I’m here to take your life” (Akuma pointing at him)

Miharu: “don’t play dumb with me because even if you are from that clan you cannot be this strong!!!” “Who are you exactly??”

Akuma started burst into a terrifying laughter then he said: “you don’t who I am, I’m the truth, I’m hope of some people, and I’m nightmare of some others who are like you, I’m the son of the devil Akuma”

Miharu dropped his guard down of fear; and out of nowhere a punch strike and pushed him out of the castle He used released his full power so he can fly and increase power to 60 time so he can defeat Akuma, he can maintain this state for 10 min to 15 min max unlike other kings.

“This guy doesn’t know despair he is standing there with pride, but what the problem with his KI especially that demonic aura, I need to finish this fight fast now that surpassed him” he told himself.

Miharu rushed toward him with an incredible speed, Akuma couldn't dodge the attack of Miharu because of his speed. But Akuma survived which made Miharu impressed by hi tough body even he was bleeding from all over it, the blood was Mixture of red and black color, Miharu decided to make the final blow, Akuma lost consciousness after that he started hearing a sound in his head says: “I will help only this time until the time you can control me, if you can”

Akuma gets up with a huge amount of bleu aura surrounding his body that even surpasses Miharu, but he was not in his normal self as he was possessed by something. His white hair become silver, his muscles became stronger and bigger a tail appeared as if he was half vampire and half devil, and Dragon scales that appear on Akuma hand and his feet. Miharu was shocked by what he saw “is this the real reason to exterminate a whole clan, because we were afraid of a single monster, there is no way there someone like him exist.

Just what did they do to you son”. He tried to summon the dragon of fire knowing he will devour him because he is the weakest king. After these two events the castle was completely destroyed. March was just watching the destruction of the castle and couldn't believe what he saw, pried for the safety of Akuma. Back to the castle thing we’re not going smoothly, what posses Akuma started talking: “stupid human how you dare summon the dragon in front of me” Since Akuma was out of control he could the stop rushing dragon toward him with a single hand, and punch him but the skin of the dragon was tough so he was only pushed away, after a while what posses Akuma revealed his name it was Satan the king of demon.

Since Satan was pissed off he tried to finish the fight quickly, he raised hand and slowly a demonic started gathering to form a ball with bleu fire and at the same time he kept dodging the attack of dragon, then he launched it. The dragon took so much damage so he disappeared, Miharu fell, Satan ends his life in the air with cutting his head using his hand, then he felt the same power of the mask he was wearing but in a different shape that he found at Miharu room, then hi put it on his face, and that when Akuma regain consciousness but he was in pain so couldn’t move.

Back to March, he rushed to the castle to help Akuma, he found him on the ground, after pulling him a few meter away he tried to heal him with his magic but Akuma was seriously injured, even in his shape he was able to feel the presence of someone watching him but he disappeared then he lost his consciousness again. March was in panic, so he tried to use a spell of teleportation, he succeeded but not closes enough to his village so he had to walk to the village.

???: “wake up, wake up.. My son”

Suddenly Akuma woke up in a room.

Benzai: “don’t move! You haven’t completely healed yet, come to me tomorrow to answer your questions” Akuma turned his head toward him, then Benzai felt some kind of pressure that he cannot stay close to it for too long, and then the head of the village leave without saying any word.

In the mean while.

Women: “bad news master, Miharu died”

The man called master: “so he died, that weakling, tell me who killed him after all??”

Women: “ it was one of <<the clan of Darkness>>, Master”

The man called master: “tell the other king to prepare themselves” then he continued talking to himself: “so there was a survivor of that clan after all, if they can’t complete the job I have to do it myself”

Akuma got up from his bed and started wandering in the house of the chief until he found his room

Benzai started talking knowing that Akuma was behind the door; “you have completely awaken after this fight and it’s seem you enjoyed it suit a lot”

Akuma respond and opened the door and respond: “yes I have”

Benzai: “then let me explain something, YOU ARE A DEVIL, and it is the meaning of you name after all. Your mask was just a tool to suppress you power” “anyway you were born with that dangerous power you can’t do anything to change that fact, however your mask seem a little bit different from the last time, whatever I think you are ready and that mask won’t be enough to suppress your power, as matter effect you are still weak”

Akuma: “yeah yeah whatever because I’m the boy of prophecy I should be stronger than this” “I don’t give a damn shit about this”

Benzai: “well then if you say so follow me, you will need a sword to fight and it will help you suppress you power too” and he continued “be careful not to destroy the earth with your strength” with a serious look.

Akuma: “yeah, yeah just give me the sword” talking with no fear

Benzai: “damn, your are so hard to approach, well then follow me”

Benzai pulled a book that opened a small hall underground, and both of them walked into it.

In the end of the hall there was a small room, it was so dark to see but Benzai lit it on, there was a box and it was sealed. Benzai undid the seal and asked him one question: “what do you seek?” he answered him:  “what I seek is not your business, but I can tell you one thing that no one can stop me”

Benzai: “you may take the sword it’s all yours now, but I will send with you March to support you in your journey” the sword was covered with a white cloth ancestral “when time comes you can remove the white cloth”

Benzai talking to himself: “I guess I won’t be necessary to told him the truth its seems he knows it all, but how he did it?? Guess there is no point of asking him, I guess he will be fine for quite some time, there is no need to panic.”

Benzai called March and told him what he needed to know, and gave him some tips if the seal gets broken again, after all the first seal was broken from the mask so Benzai tried to make the seal in his right hand and it is like a scare from his nail to the top of his neck the scare was like the fir who is burning.

At night Akuma prepared what he needs in his journey with March. But he decided to go at midnight.

Akuma: “let go its time kid”

March: “wait a minute, now?? It is midnight”

Akuma: “yeah now you got some problem with that?”

March: “you look like a vampire” he whispered to himself so Akuma cannot hear him.

Akuma: “yes I’m I vampire”

They leave the village and here a new chapter begins in our little story.

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