A little story I wrote as a history project about two boys and the statue of Zeus in Olympia.


4. Waste of Time

          Several hours later as it was getting dark, the two friends resumed their game of 'Who-can-think-of-the-best-word-to-describe-the-statue.'

          “How about we just call it 'who can?'” Elias asked

          “What for? I think the name is fine just the way it is. Length doesn't really matter, we rarely say it anyway.” Aaron stated.

          "Well, you have a point. But hey, why waste time saying the name when you could waste time thinking of words?” Elias decided he didn't like having Aaron use his intelligence against his ideas, so he came up with his own reason for why it should be called that.

          “Fine you call it what you want; I'll call it 'Who-can-think-of-the-best-word-to-describe-the-statue,' okay?”

          Elias sighed. “Ain't nobody got time for that.”

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