A little story I wrote as a history project about two boys and the statue of Zeus in Olympia.


5. Good Friends

          Several more hours passed before either one of them thought of another word, and several more boulder seats passed as well. With each different boulder, Elias wrote their names and the date, over and over, trying to make sure that people a thousand years later didn't miss it.

          “I have another word.” Elias said. “Golden!”

          “I don't know, Elias. That one's more literal.” Aaron said.

          “It was a good word; it took me forever to think of that one. He never likes anything I do... why doesn't he like anything I do?” Elias grumbled while staring off into space.

          While still staring at nothing, Elias thought deeply and then said, “Do you think people thousands of years from - ”

          “Again with the thousands of years thing, really?” Aaron rudely asked.

          Elias glared at him and continued, “ Do you think people thousands of years from now will write stories about the statue, or maybe even us? I bet if they see our names on those rocks they'll write stories about us.”

          “I doubt it.”

          “You doubt everything.” Elias said glumly.

          “Legendary.” Aaron said, trying to change the subject back to the statue.

          “See!” Elias said “You said legendary, that means it's worthy of a legend and a legend is a story! You agree with me!” He nodded sharply for emphasis.

          Aaron slapped his hands against his face and grabbed his cheeks as if he were about to tear them off. A faint, distressed whimpering noise could be heard coming from his mouth but Elias didn't pay any attention to him.

          “We're good friends.” Elias said.



The End 

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