A little story I wrote as a history project about two boys and the statue of Zeus in Olympia.


2. Gold and Ivory

          Elias - a young Greek boy, around the age of 12 living in Olympia - sat atop a large rock next to his friend Aaron, watching several workers dart from a pile of supplies back to a large construction site. The magnificent object the men were working on was a large statue of the god Zeus, made of ivory and gold. Though it was only the lower portion of the figure it was still amazing. Large sheets of gold were molded across Zeus' legs in such a way it seemed as if someone draped a golden blanket over him. For a lack of better things to do, Elias and Aaron were thinking of words to describe the unfinished statue.

          “I know a good word, it's...” Elias paused for added suspense “Awe inspiring!”

           Aaron looked at him thoughtfully and said “No, I think I've heard it described that way before.”

          “Really?” Elias said, a bit puzzled. “From who?”

          “I don't know... maybe I said it before and we just forgot.”

           Elias grinned. “You're just trying to take credit for my amazingly accurate word.”

          “Whatever,” Aaron said with a sigh.

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