A little story I wrote as a history project about two boys and the statue of Zeus in Olympia.


3. Flat Bread and Global Warming

          As the day went on, the two boys moved from one rock to another, trying to get to an angle where the sun wasn't in their eyes. Once they found a decent boulder, Aaron began eating a piece of flat bread which he had been carrying around almost the whole day. While he ate, he watched as Elias began scraping words into the boulder with a pebble.

          “What are you doing?” Aaron asked with his mouth full of bread.

          “I'm writing our names and date into the rock.”

          “What for?”

          Elias broke his concentration and looked up at his friend “So people thousands of years from now will know we sat here, obviously!” With that said, he resumed his task.

          Aaron stared at him dumbfounded “You really expect that people THOUSANDS of years from now will want to look at rocks? Wouldn't they be more interested in the statue, or maybe why the Earth is getting hotter?

          Elias shrugged, paying little attention to Aaron's negative and strange comments. “Maybe.”

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