He was consumed by thoughts of her.


19. Safe

Eden expected large amounts of pain to pierce her skin where the knife entered. But when she opened her eyes, she wasn't in John's basement anymore. The walls weren't dark, but blinding white. There was a machine next to her, issuing rhythmic beeping.

"Oh God."

Eden lifted her hand and touched her shoulder.

"I'm Dr. Baker. You're to be okay." A man stood next to her bed. He held a clipboard and was smiling. "Your injury wasn't life threatening."

"Where is he?" Eden asked, her voice hoarse.

The doctor frowned, his gaze hard. "He's in custody. You're safe."

"What happened?" She didn't remember anything after he'd stabbed her.

Baker moved a chair near her and sat down. "Believe it or not, the son of a bitch confessed. He told us everything, and asked us to call the police. I had some nurses take care of that while I checked you. It's over, Eden."


A month later, Eden was sitting in her apartment. She was drinking tea and flipping through the channels when she spotted it.

Spotted him.

He looked the same. She hadn't thought of him since the day at the hospital, when Baker told her what happened. But looking at John now, and seeing the headline below his mugshot, it filled her with dread.

Serial killer John Hayes escapes during prison riot
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