He was consumed by thoughts of her.


20. Plans

He watched her expression through the window. If anyone saw him standing in the bushes outside Eden's home, they wouldn't hesitate to call the cops. But as he looked around, he didn't spot anyone. A malicious grin spread across his face.

The knife slid into her body smoothly. She twitched and gasped. With her face to the floor, and her hands still chained behind her, Eden screamed in pain, her breathing rapid. She was dying, slowly, so very slowly.

"I'm dying," she whispered hoarsely.

John, who was crouched beside her, frowned. "I'm afraid not. The wound isn't fatal, you're going to be fine."

"What are you talking about?" Her brown hair was matted with sweat. The light hurt her eyes so badly that she had to squint at him. Her head continued to throb, making her dizzy.

John touched her face, then reached behind her to undo the binds. She slumped against him, exhausted. He lifted her carefully, and her head fell into his chest. As he moved, he noticed that she has lost consciousness. About time.

"I have plans for you," he told her.

From the second he stepped into the hospital, his plan was set into motion.

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