He was consumed by thoughts of her.


13. Helpless

Two weeks.

It had been two weeks since Daniel's death, and Eden hadn't heard anything from the police. Maybe they were collecting more evidence and would call her after to see what she knew. Though as the weeks stretched on, that possibility didn't seem likely.

John seemed to vanish during that time as well, but showed up at Millers on the night Eden took a chance and went out. They talked for what seemed like hours, but they didn't talk about the one thing that needed to be discussed.

"You're somewhere else," John observed softly.

"I'm sorry," Eden muttered, clutching her glass of beer. "There's just a lot going on. The police still haven't contacted me."

"Maybe they haven't gone through his phone yet."

"But one of them had to have seen me at his house. God, I feel so helpless."

John shrugged. "Just give it some more time. I want to know what happened as much as you do."

"This shouldn't have happened to Daniel," Eden whispered harshly. "Murder doesn't happen around here a lot."

John watched her, his mouth twitching. "It happens more than you even realize."

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