My fav songs!



1. Her last words - Courtney Parker

Just an average girl
 She always wore a smile
 She was cheerful and happy for a short while
 Now she's older, things are getting colder
 Life's not what she though, she wishes someone had told her
 She told you she was down, you let it slip by
 So from then on she kept it on the inside
 She told herself she was alright
 But she was telling white lies
 Can't you tell? Look at her dull eyes
 Tried to stop herself from crying almost every night
 But she knew there was no chance of feeling alright
 Summer came by, all she wore was long sleeves
 'Cause those cuts on her wrists were bleeding through you see
 She knew she was depressed, didn't want to admit it
 Didn't think she fit it, everyone seemed to miss it
 She carried on like a soldier with a battle wound
 Bleeding out from every cut her body consumed
 She had no friends at school, all alone she sat
 And if someone were to notice she would blame the cat
 But those cuts on her wrist, they were no mistake
 But no one cared enough to save her from this self hate
 Things were going down, never really up
 And here she is now stuck in this stupid rut
 She knew exactly what she had to do next
 Just stand on that chair and tie the rope around her neck
 She wrote a letter with her hands shaking wild
 "Look at me now, are you proud of your precious child?"
 But she knew that her parents weren't the ones to blame
 It was the world that should bow down it's head in shame
 She stood up on the chair and looked out at the moon
 Just don't think, it'll all be over soon
 The chair fell down as she took her final breath
 It's all over, all gone, now she's greeting death
 Her Mum walks in, she falls down to the floor
 And now nothing can take back what she just saw
 The little girl that she raised is just hanging there
 Her body's pale and her face is violently bare
 She sees the note and unfolds it with care
 All she does is stare, "How can this be fair?"
 She starts reading as the tears roll down her face
 "I'm sorry Mum but this world is just not my place
 I've tried for so long to fix this and fit in
 I've come to realise this world's full of sin
 There's nothing for me here, I'm just a waste of space
 I've got no reason to stay here with this awful race
 It's a disgrace, I was misplaced
 Born in the wrong time, and in the wrong place
 It's okay though, 'cause you'll see me soon
 You'll know when your time has come, just look at the moon
 As it shines bright, throughout the night
 And remember everyone's facing their own fight
 But I can't deal with the pain, I'm not a fighter
 You'll make it through the night, just hug your pillow tighter
 So let the world know, that I died in vein
 Because the world around me, is the one to blame
 And I know in a year, you'll forget I'm gone
 'Cause I'm not really something to be dwelled on
 That's what they use to tell me, all those kids at school
 So I'm going by the law majority rules
 My presence on this earth is not needed any longer
 And if anything, I hope this makes you stronger
 You're the best friend, that I ever had
 Such a shame I had to make you so very sad
 But just remember that you meant everything to me
 And to my heart, you're the only one that held the key
 Now it's time to go, I'm running out of space to write
 And yes I lost my fight, but please just hold on tight
 I'm watching over you, from the clouds above
 And sending down the purest and whitest dove
 To watch over you, and be my helpful eye
 So this is it world, goodbye."

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