The Removed [Book #2]

It's been a month since the three hunters and Terry's death. Vivian, Graham, and Julia, along with Lewis, have been staying at the Miller house. There has been little news on the missing girls, leaving Vivian to wonder if she should find them.

Then something happened that changed everything.


#1 - BOUND


5. Vivian

I knew they would be mad when they realized I left. But I had to go to the police station and talk to someone who was in charge of the missing girls case — I had to help. So when I entered the precinct, it was crowded, as I expected.

I walked up to one of the desks and looked at the man behind it. He was short, round, and tired-looking. He frowned.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“I'm looking for...” I suddenly realized I didn't know. “Uh, anyone who is working on the missing girls case?”

“Missing girls?” he asked. “Oh, you mean the Removed?”

“Excuse me?” I asked, tilting my head.

“That's what we've called the case file. Because the girls are either removed by kidnapping or removed by death. It's sad and it's morbid, but it suits the situation.”

I nodded grimly. “So who can I talk with? I have some information.”

He glanced at me, then pointed behind him at a door marked BOYD.

“Detective Remy Boyd is head of the case. If you need to talk to someone, he's your man. Go to it, missy. He's not busy right now, surprisingly.”

I thanked him and walked to the door. I knocked. Then I stepped inside.

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