The Removed [Book #2]

It's been a month since the three hunters and Terry's death. Vivian, Graham, and Julia, along with Lewis, have been staying at the Miller house. There has been little news on the missing girls, leaving Vivian to wonder if she should find them.

Then something happened that changed everything.


#1 - BOUND


9. Lewis

It was as though she vanished into thin air. I pocketed her phone while Graham and Vivian searched the streets. They came up empty-handed. I watched their reactions: one was masked, the other out in the open. Vivian's heart was breaking, and I didn't know any way to help her.

I said, “It'll be okay, we'll find her,” but I knew it wouldn't do any good.

For hours after the search and a short conversation with the police, Vivian came home late and crawled into Julia's bed, and cried herself to sleep. With no word a few days later, she never left the room.

She was broken.

It was a week before we heard anything at all. That detective Vivian spoke to, Remy Boyd, called her cell phone a few times. He left messages, and Vivian never called him back.

So one night while she was sleeping, I stole her phone. I knew I was breaking some sort of friend code, but then I didn't care. This was important. He may have had information about Jules.

“Vivian, listen. I know you're having a hard time since your girlfriend was taken. If you need to talk, call me.”

“It's me again. I think I found something. I'm going to become very busy in a short time, so I am done asking. You need to call me. You or any of your friends.”

I shut her phone, but not before I texted Detective Boyd. I told him I was a friend of Vivian's, that I listened to the messages he left, and I would come to the precinct to hear what he had to say.

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