The Removed [Book #2]

It's been a month since the three hunters and Terry's death. Vivian, Graham, and Julia, along with Lewis, have been staying at the Miller house. There has been little news on the missing girls, leaving Vivian to wonder if she should find them.

Then something happened that changed everything.


#1 - BOUND


4. Lewis

Graham had picked a small cafe on the corner by his home for us to eat. As I held the door for him, Julia, and Vivian, I thought about Mira. We used to come here together. It was before Jev found us.

Before everything changed and was destroyed.

Before I lost her.

Pain filled my heart but I didn't let it reach my face. I couldn't let them see, even if they knew I was still struggling with the loss.

Instead, I walked inside and let the door shut behind me. I found the others standing in the back, staring at the beverages. I laughed at Julia when she tried to reach something on the top shelf. Then I watched as she dropped her hand at her side and flexed her fingers, using her pointer to beckon.

Suddenly, she had a can of soda in her hand.

I scowled at her, but she didn't notice. She knew we weren't supposed use our powers in public, even if the risk of danger was over. And, with that psychopath running around, it wasn't exactly safe. She had to be careful, especially since she was taken once before.

“Lew?” It was Vivian. She poked me in the arm. “Are you okay?”

I looked around. “Yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking about what I wanted.”

That was a lie but she didn't know that. I looked at Graham, and he watched me intently. Of course he knew. He always knew. He couldn't help but use his powers sometimes. It wasn't by choice. Lately, however, it was my fault he couldn't turn them off, because my thoughts were so loud.

“I'm sorry,” I said softly.

He nodded briskly.

“Sorry?” Julia asked, craning her neck to look at me. “For what?”

“Oh, he was thinking about getting a really shitty food,” Graham said. He shrugged when they looked at him. “I was going to suggest something better.”

I nodded. “I was. Thanks for saving me from a terrible mistake.”

Graham laughed quietly and turned around to get some coffee. When I went to the counter to order food, the man behind it looked at me and smiled.

“Mr. Tanner,” he said pleasantly. “It's good to see you again. You haven't been around for awhile. How are you?”

I smiled. “Hey, Allen. I'm okay, how about you?”

Allen nodded. “Been alright. I see you came in with a group. But I don't see Mira.”

I flinched at her name and said, “Mira passed away last month.”

Allen's grey eyes widened. “Oh, I'm so sorry, Lewis. Mira was a lovely woman. I hope you'll be alright. You will, won't you?”

I smiled tiredly. “Yes, I will. Thank you.”

“What can I get you?” Allen asked, though his tone was still sad. He wanted to help, but couldn't. All he could do was serve me food.

I told him what I wanted, waited while he went to make it, and turned around. Julia was standing directly behind me, frowning.

“You're such a liar,” she said softly. “You're not going to be okay.”

“No, probably not,” I told her.

But I smiled anyway.

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