The Removed [Book #2]

It's been a month since the three hunters and Terry's death. Vivian, Graham, and Julia, along with Lewis, have been staying at the Miller house. There has been little news on the missing girls, leaving Vivian to wonder if she should find them.

Then something happened that changed everything.


#1 - BOUND


23. Julia

The woman's voice was firm, demanding. She was calling for Clive in such a manner that I was afraid she was going to check every inch of the house to find him. I wasn't sure what I would do if she came down here. I couldn't hide the body in time, and even if I could, she would eventually find it and then know I escaped.

Would I have to kill her as well?

It was very, very possible.

But she didn't descend the stairs. In fact, when she did was walk back toward the door. When she opened it, there was a rush of sirens. It was so clear, as if I were standing right next to her. My hand closed around the phone.

“You're here, aren't you?” I whispered.

Static filled the line. It crackled and her voice cut out. I didn't get to hear her response. I cursed under my breath and looked toward the staircase. All I had to do was creep upstairs without being seen and get to a window, then maybe I could see the police car and the occupants.

Sudden fear filled my body. What if it was a trap and I fell for it? What if that woman locked me down in this shitty place for the rest of my life and I never got out. Then, as I thought about this, another feeling took hold.

Anger. It gripped me like a vice, squeezing until I couldn't see anything else. With its power, I stood and dropped the phone, crushed it beneath my foot and walked upstairs.

I didn't even look around as I headed for the outside, the air cool as it hit me. I fixed my face so it showed fear and worry, then I made my way onto the porch. The woman was there, and it was clear I startled her. There was a cop next to her, his eyes wide at my presence.

I opened my mouth, made sure to make my voice weak as I said, “I killed him.”

Then I smiled, turned my eyes on the woman and before she could finish her scream, I felt her body drop as I snapped her neck.

Detective Boyd had his gun on me before I moved again. Then she was in view. She ran up the steps, stumbled, and collided into me. She wrapped her arms around my body and cried into my shoulder.

She hadn't noticed the gun. I watched him lower it, put it back in his holster, his eyes full of of different emotions. Then he spoke softly.

“Julia Owens, you are under arrest for the murders of Clive Hylan and Devan Hannigan.”

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