The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


8. Chapter 9

*Next Morning*



Skylynn pov: I woke up the next morning and got dressed, today was our first show of the tour and sadly i won't be dancing. I walked out my room and went to talk to Perri after talking to Mitch last night it really got me thinking, i shouldn't have said what said what i said to him.

*Knock knock* 

seconds later Mitch opens the door

Mitch: hey 

Skylynn: hey is he here

Mitch: yea he's laying in bed 

Mitch lets me in and i see Perri on his phone

Mitch: pel someone is here to talk to you

Perri looks up and when he looks at me i can see hurt and guilt run through his eyes.

Perri: oh um hey

Mitch: i'll leave you guys to talk *leaves*

I sit down at the edge of his bed 

Skylynn: we need to talk *looks at Perri*

Perri: yea 

Skylynn: pel i'm sorry for what i said last night, i was just angry that you would go behind my back and tell Sam i left, it hurt me like i thought i could count on you.

Perri: Sky you know you could always count on me to be there for you, i love you. I never intended on hurting you. I told you last night not to leave but you did anyway. I told Sam because i had too, i got his blessing to go out with you i told you i didn't want to mess that up by lying to him. If i did he would never let me see you again.

Skylynn: i know that Perri i'm sorry

Perri: come here *opens arms*

Skylynnn: *crawls into his arms* 

Perri: does this mean that we are back together

Skylynn: *nods* 

Perri: good cause you missed a good cuddle last night

Skylynn: *laughs*

Perri: i love you Skylynn 

Skylynn: i love you too Perri *kisses him* 


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