The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


6. Chapter 7


Skylynn pov: Perri dropped me off last night and luckily i had all my bags packed for the tour because Ash had called and said that we would be starting the tour early. It was now 4 am and we were in the airport waiting for our plane.

I sitting next to Perri with my head on his shoulder.

Skylynn: i'm tired *yawns*

Perri" *chuckles* obviously you didn't leave my house till 1 in the morning and you only had a 3 hour sleep 

Skylynn: well you should've kept me in your house 

Perri: i tried but you refused 

Skylynn: I don't remember that

Perri: mmhmm 

Perri and I continue talking when Sam walks up to us.

Sam: Guys lets go we gotta board the plane 

I haven't spoken to Sam all night and i don't plan to either. I got up and ignored Sam and walked on the plane with Perri sitting next to me. 


*6 hours later* 

I am in my hotel room laying on my bed when Sam walks in to talk.

Sam: Belle

Skylynn: what

Sam: you know you're grounded right

Skylynn: i'm not grounded 

Sam: yes you are, don't argue with me, I came to tell you that since you're grounded you are not allowed to leave the hotel. 

Skylynn: *chuckles* you must not know me

Sam: I do Belle i'm your brother and you would do as i say.

Skylynn: we would see

Sam walked out of my room and i sat back thinking of a plan to get out this hotel.

*2 hours later* 

My friend texted me and said she was outside i walked out my room to see Perri and Mitch in the hall

Mitch: Sky where are you going 

Skylynn: uhmm 

Perri : babe *walks towards Skylynn*

Skylynn: i'm gonna meet up with Summer

Perri: who

Mitch: wait your friend Summer from your old school

Skylynn: yea

Perri: Sky you know you aren't allowed to leave the hotel

Skylynn: Sam is not the boss of me i'm 18 i can do what i want *walks away* 

Perri: *grabs her arm* babe wait, please don't go you're gonna get into even more trouble

Skylynn: i won't if you don't say anything

Perri: baby don't put me in the middle of your problems with Sam, i have his blessings to go out with you i don't want to mess that up by lying to him

Skylynn: do you love me?

Perri: course i do 

Skylynn: would you do anything for me

Perri: you know i would 

Skylynn: if Sam ask don't tell him i left *pecks Perri and leaves*


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