The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


5. Chapter 6


Skylynn pov: After rehearsals Perri dropped me off at home. I walked in the kitchen to find Sam sitting down on the island, on his laptop.


Skylynn: hey Sam

Sam: Belle we need to talk

Skylynn: about 

Sam: your grades

Skylynn: what about them 

Sam: hmmm i don't know lets see...A,A,A,B,B,AA,F

Skylynn: ok i got one F what's the problem

Sam: the problem is told you to bring this grade up, i gave you 2 weeks to do so, and you still haven't done it. 

Skylynn: Sam you're overreacting 

Sam: am i, ok let's see if i'm still overreacting when i say that you're grounded 

Skylynn: WHAT!!!!

Sam: yup until you bring that F up to at least a B, you aren't allowed to dance in the first show of the tour. 

Skylynn: Sam you can't do that

Sam: yes i can, i told you if you're gonna live with me you can be apart of Diversity and dance but you have to get an education while doing so. You could've lived with mum who would've made you quit Diversity and make you go to school. You took that as an advantage and now you have to pay the price. 

Skylynn: Sam i'm not a little girl anymore i'm 18 years old, i'm not a little kid, i'm gonna dance in the first show of the tour and you're not gonna stop me. *angrily*

Sam: wanna bet, i already spoke to Ash and he's on board so try and dance if you want to.

Skylynn: ughh I HATE YOU!! *runs out the house*

I walk the short walk to Perri and Mitch's house i couldn't be with Sam. I arrive and knock on the door and seconds later Mitch opens.

Mitch: hey Sky what are you doin here *moves aside and lets me in*

Skylynn: me and Sam got into an argument so i walked out

Mitch: what happened 

Skylynn: he was looking at my grades and saw that i got an F in one of my classes and he grounded me, saying that i'm not allowed to dance in the first show of the tour. 

Mitch: wow 

Skylynn: Mitch what do i do i want to dance so bad

Mitch: i know you do bubs but i can't change Sam's mind you know that. 

Skylynn: i know is Perri here?

Mitch: yea he's in his room

I get up and knock on Perri's door 

Perri: come in 

I walk in and see Perri packing for the tour in a couple of weeks

Perri: hey princess what's up *smiles and hugs me*

Skylynn: nothing much, just being grounded

Perri: what you're grounded

Skylynn: yea

Perri: why

Skylynn: Sam was looking at my grades and saw that i got an F in a class and now he's not letting me dance in the first show of the tour.

Perri: ooh babe *sighs*

Skylynn: i know but at least i can be with you *smiles*

Perri: i know but still you should be on stage dancing with me and the rest of the boys.  

Skylynn: yea well according to Sam i'm not allowed

Perri: can you do me a favor 

Skylynn: yea 

Perri: promise me after the first show of the tour and for the rest of the tour, you would behave yourself. I don't wanna hear that you're grounded 

Skylynn: ughh fine







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