The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


4. Chapter 5

Skylynn pov:

This morning we have rehearsals and Perri was going to pick me up and take me, Sam was gonna be late today so i asked Perri and he said he would take me. Today we were also gonna tell the boys that we are dating. I was in the kitchen on my phone, when i heard the door open and Perri walks in.


Perri: morning beautiful *kisses Skylynn* 

Skylynn: hey *smiles*

Perri: ready to go 

Skylynn: yup 

I get up and walk out to Perri's car, he opens the door for me and gets in the driver's side and we drive to the studio. We arrive within 15 mins, Perri gets out and opens the door for me, when i get out he grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers. We walk in the studio and the boys all stop and look at our hands.

Jordan: hey guys what's this *points to our hands* 

Perri: me and Skylynn are dating *Smiles*

Ash: yess about time 

The boys bring Perri in a group hug 

Ash: alright guys as happy as we are for you two, we got work to do. 

As Ash was talking to us about what were gonna do Perri comes and wraps his arms around me and cuddles me. 

Ash: Pel you need to get your measurements done for the costumes. Mitch you need to work on your tricks and flips, Sky so do you and you need to work on your gymnastics for the routines as well. 

Once Ash finishes we head off, Perri kisses me goodbye and i begin my gymnastics. 

This tour is gonna be crazy.



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