The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


30. Chapter 31

* 2 days later* 

Sam pov: today i was taking Skylynn home, she would also be seeing the boys for the first time after the surgery. When we arrived home i took Skylynn to the kitchen and made her something to eat. 

*1 hour later* 

*knock knock*

i opened the door and let the boys in. 

Sam: ok before we go in the kitchen and all jump on her, let me tell you guys something first. She lost her memory. So she won't remember any of you.

I walked the boys to the kitchen where Skylynn was sitting at. 

Sam: hey belle 

Skylynn: *looks at Sam* 

Sam: i want you to meet the boys

Skylynn: *looks at the boys* hi 

Ash: hey Skylynn 

Skylynn: who's Skylynn

Sam: you are

Skylynn: but you call me belle,why do they call me Skylynn 

Sam: well Belle is one of your middle names. I use it as a nickname for you

Skylynn: oh ok 

the boys sit at the kitchen and we all talk to Skylynn when Perri ran in 

Perri: where is she *looks at Skylynn* 

Sam: *gets up* Pel wait there's something i need to tell you

Perri: what 

Sam: she doesn't remember you, she lost her memory after the surgery, you need to relax and just be calm around her or else you're gonna scare her

Perri: *sighs* ok *sits down at the table* 

Skylynn: i don't know your names 

Ash: oh right, well i'm Ashley, this is Jordan, Warren, Ike, Terry and Perri *points to each boy* 

Skylynn: ooh 

Perri: so you really don't remember anyone here 

Skylynn: i'm sorry am i supposed to *confused* 

Sam: *gives Perri a look* uh no its ok if you don't remember anything 

Jordan: Perri is just a little upset he missed you and really wanted you to at least remember him

Skylynn: why 

Perri: because i'm your boyfriend

Skylynn: my i don't remember having a boyfriend

Perri: well you do and here i am 

Skylynn: Sam *looks at Sam* 

Sam: pel thats enough..* looks at Skylynn* its ok belle

The boys and i talked for a bit before they left. I took Skylynn to her room and layed in her bed with her head on my chest

Skylynn: Sam where's mum 

Sam: mum is home why 

Skylynn: why do i live with you and not with her

Sam: because i have legal custody of you 

Skylynn: what do you mean

Sam: when me and you were younger i thought it was cool to hang out in the streets and there was this one time where i left the house to hang out and you followed me without me knowing. I realized that you followed me after an hour and i took you back home. Mum and dad were a mess, they said that they couldn't deal with the things i was doing and you were starting to follow my footsteps, you was only 5. So they gave me legal custody of you. And i when i turned 18 i moved out and took you with me. And then a couple years later here we are.

Skylynn: so you raised me

Sam: yea 

Skylynn: what about dad 

Sam: um well you know how mum's married right

Skylynn: yea 

Sam: well before that she was with a man who is our biological father, he died a couple weeks after you and Mitchell was born. So a year later mum married Paul who is our father 

Skylynn: do you miss dad

Sam: everyday, but when i look at your face i see him 

Skylynn: really 

Sam: yea, you have his eyes and smile

Skylynn: Sam what was dad like 

Sam: he was funny, like you and smart 

Skylynn: i'm sorry i don't remember anything 

Sam: its ok belle it will come back to you

After talking to Skylynn we fell asleep.


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