The Craske Twins

This story is about the life of the Craske Twins, Mitchell Charles Craske and Skylynn Belle Craske, this story goes through their life as members of Diversity and being twins.


29. Chapter 30

*Next morning*

Sam pov: i woke up the next morning to Skylynn's machine beeping. Mitch went home and took Perri, today would be the day that i will tell the doctor my decision on what to do with Skylynn. My thoughts were interrupted by the doctor walking in.

Doctor: good morning mr. Craske

Sam: good morning doctor

Doctor: *checks Skylynn* have you made your decision yet

Sam: yes i have...i want to go through with the surgery

Doctor: you do

Sam: yes

Doctor: ok no problem. I will have the nurse prep her in a bit

Sam: um real quick doctor how long will the surgery be

Doctor: about 6-7 hours

Sam: ok

Doctor: she's gonna be fine

Sam: *nods*

After 10 mins the nurses were ready to take Skylynn to surgery

Nurse: you want to say something to her

Sam: *nods and goes to Skylynn* see you in a bit Belle, i love you *kisses her forehead*

They wheel Skylynn down the hall to the O.R. I was waiting in the waiting room, when Mitch, Jordan, and Ellie came

Mitch: hey what are you doing out here

Sam: i'm waiting for the doctor

Ellie: why

Sam: they're doing the surgery on Skylynn

Jordan: you went through with it

Sam: yea

Mitch: if it goes well what would happen

Sam: she could wake up not remembering anything for a month or so

Ellie: how long will it be

Sam: around 6-7 hours

After talking to them we all sat around waiting for the doctor, i called the boys and our family to let them know what was going on with Skylynn.

Mitch: i hope she's ok

Ellie: she'll be ok Mitch just think postive

Mitch: i'm trying

Sam: guys if the surgery goes well and Skylynn wakes up, don't go crazy and start jumping on her or anything cause theres a chance that she will not remeber you.

Ellie: ok

After 6 1/2 hours the doctor comes out

Doctor: Mr. Craske

Sam: *stands up* yes how is she

Doctor: the surgery went well, she's doing good

Sam: *sighs in relief* thank you doctor

Doctor: no probelm, she's back in her room, she should be waking up in a bit, she will be here for 2 days then after that she can go home.

Sam: ok thank you again

After talking to the doctor we walked in to Skylynn's room to see her up

Sam: *walks in Slowly* hey belle you're up

Skylynn: *scared*

Sam: do you remember me

Skylynn: *shakes her head no*

Sam: i'm your big brother Sam, this is your sister Ellie, our friend and dance mate Jordan, and your twin brother Mitchell

Skylynn: *scared*

Sam: don't be scared we won't hurt you

Skylynn: i don't know you

Sam: you do you just don't remember

Skylynn: when can i go home

Mitch: in two days

We all sat around trying to get Skylynn to remember a few things but it was no use. But she was warming up to us and opening up a bit.

This was going to be a hard month.





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